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Friday, February 15, 2008

Random thoughts

Michael and I had lunch at a place called Chillitos and then saw the newest National Treasure movie.I really liked it.

I started thinking about something today. Did you see the movie Mask from the 80s? It was the story about a boy born with a facial deformity and how he relates to the world. I was thinking of one scene in particular. IT was the one where he teaches the blind girl how to see colors by putting things in her hands. Im not sure why I thought about that today except i am realizing that we all "see" or view things differently. Things that I think are incredibly important may not be as important as you. We all learn differently as well

I have had a lot of different thoughts lately on a lot of different things. Some things are heavy on my heart and some things are so silly and trivial I just laugh. I hope to share some of these things. Next week I may turn off comments for a while. Why? I dont know. I want to just share my heart and my mind. I may not even do it. Its my blog, I can do whatever I want I guess. Heehee!


Carol Anne said...

I saw Mask, actually it's probably one of my favorite movies.

I say go for it! I have trouble deciding what I want to say on my blog and often end up just posting photos because I'm afraid of offending someone or driving readers away.

Tell you what, I'll post one day of more than just a sunset photo or fluff next week if you'll do the same.

What do you think?

~ Carol Anne

Soapbox Girl said...

Okay, so I'm weeks and weeks late, but I finally managed to post a non-fluffy post. I kind of lost myself for a few weeks.