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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!
My Dad turns a big number today! Scroll down and get to know the coolest dad ever!!! Why is he the greatest dad? Because he has always led my example, both personally and professionally! He has provided us with unconditional love and the most amazing experiences that will last a love time. He gives advice, always has a listening ear, and never denies a hug! He has a generous soul and is an amazing dad, husband, brother, friend, and grandfather! He has raised his family to happy and have the most amazing memories. He went out of his way to always put us first. He thinks about the future and plans. He is a wonderful teacher and has a lot of patience (I will tell you about my driving lessons some other time)

Dad,Happy birthday. Wish we were in Florida! Have a most excellent day!

The Pentz Family
(Kelly, Mom, Dad, Amy, Wes)

Mom and Dad

the expanded Pentz clan
(Michael, amy, Mom, Dad, kelly, Owen, Seth and Janie)

Dad helping the kids get on a tube

Dad resting at the cruise terminal

Happy Dad

Just chillin

Helping Janie pick out her first cabbage patch kid!


Special K said...

The relationship between a daughter and her dad is a special one. Happy birthday Amy's Dad!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Amy, Wishing your dad a big "happy birthday"..My husband turned 74 years old today.. thanks for visiting him and wishing him a happy birthday too.....Baba

Jose said...

Oh he has to be a super nice man. How do I know? Because us Virgos are that way. A happy birthday to your dad from a fellow Virgo that turned 49 the same day.