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Friday, September 12, 2008

my decision and the reasons why

*****Update below
Okay, read the post below so you can understand whats going on.

For various reasons, I am going to stay at my women's gym FOR NOW!

Tomorrow, I will tell the mgr why I almost left and that's not like me at all but I will tell him.
Since I will not be signing a contract and I am only paying 15 dollars a month, I will stay in my comfort zone. Michael will try to get me a week pass for his gym and I will try that out at some point. The bicycle class that was posted sounds very interesting.

The truth is I have been successful when working out at this place. I like the quietness and although it is small, it has what I need and I have been told that I will get personal training free (which is a plus).

Thanks for all the advice and honestly if I hear one more comment like the one I heard, I will leave without explanation. I would have said something today but there was a customer there and I bit my tongue and tried to be respectful

UPDATE: I did go work out and the dude was there. So he asked to talk to me and I said I told him what he said and that it really hurt my feelings. I told him I had asked several people their opinions and that many recommended me leaving. He sincerely apologized and told me he was just trying to say that other gyms are typical "meat markets" and that he no way was he trying to hurt my feelings. I did tell him exactly what I heard and that no one has ever talked to me like that. Anyway, that's that..Yeah for Amy. I never talk to people like that. It kind of felt good!


Pam and Jeff said...

Yeah!! It is hard to figure out what to do. You made a good decisions for now. Try out what you don't know and stay for the good deals.

Annie said...

Good for you! I think you should be honest, but kind.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Good for you! I wish I could do more of that....I would probably feel alot better.