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Thursday, February 28, 2008


2 things, one more important than the other

1) Michael and I are heading out the door to go to Memphis to relax and visit old friends. Pray for fun and safety

2) A very close friend asked me a very serious question regarding my faith and what I believe and I am having a hard time answering this. She asked me as she is struggling with answers and thought my blog readers may be able to help. Please answer and share with others who may be able to share their thoughts.

Do those people in third world countries who are never able to hear the gospel and given the opportunity to receive Christ go to hell?
Thats a very hard question for me to even type. But I hope we can some answers as I will not be blogging but she will be reading this. I know what I feel about infants and small children so I guess its the same. I do not know. Please share your thoughts and if this gets into an argument or something, please be nice. I will not be here to monitor.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my life as a pediatric nurse

Someone commented here a few days ago if I really loved my job.

There are so many reasons why I love my job. I love my night shift crew. I love admitting patients and trying to make their stay as easy as possible. I love meeting families whom I have an instant connection with. I could stay for hours in their room just talking but I have other patients to talk to. I love talking to little kids and the older ones..I love talking to 6 and 7 year olds who think they are adults.I love working with difficult patients and families that other nurses prefer to not to care for..I love the challenge.

Mentioning Hanna Montana, Wii, and High School Musical gets you instant points with kids. I love it. I love watching their eyes when they realize Nurse Amy knows about stuff like that. I hate giving shots or checking an IV to make sure its still in..I hate putting kids on oxygen and making sure it stays in their nose. I really dont like giving shots but have gotten really good at it. I don't like it when kids are scared of everything we do.

I really love my job. Ok, let me be honest. Sometimes I just don't want to go to work but that does not mean I do not love my job. I can not believe I am a nurse. I can not believe I have this most amazing job. I can not believe that I get the opportunity to walk beside these families in happy and sad times. A lot of my patients just stay over night and then I never see them again. A lot of patients get diagnosis that change the way they live for the rest of their lives. This is such an awesome experience. To talk to the families and patients who give me such insight is awesome.

Do I cry with my families? yes. The good news is that its usually happy things that bring on the tears. To remember the 3 funerals I have been to since starting here just amazes me. I was part of this amazing experience and it really humbles me. its an experience I can not describe. I do not mean this to be sad but I have seen God's hand in such awesome circumstances. I think of Rachel, Owen and Catie. These little people were not on earth very long but certainly they have made an impact on those around them. I have seen amazing joy in sorrow. When you can find that, its just really special. I have no words for that.

I can not believe I work with the most amazing nurses and physicians I do. I am not the best nurse. Sometimes I do not have the answers to give patients the comfort they need. Sometimes I can not even find the time to give them the comfort, but oh I want to.

Oh yeah, there are some negatives to my job but the positives are so much greater. Who would have thought I would be meeting so many Chinese children this way. The way that I got this job 6 years ago is amazing and I cant believe that because I chose the floor I work on, I am connecting with so many more families and seeing that red thread flow.

Monday, February 25, 2008

So I am sitting here finally checking blogs, watching Rainman and chatting online my sister. Michael and I leave Thursday for our long weekend to Memphis and just this week we booked our family Disney cruise for this April. How very exciting.

I enjoyed the babies in the nursery and I loved watching them interact yesterday. I am in the room with 7-12 months and once they walk, they graduate. Oh they are soooo fun..

Nothing really going on. Lots to do..Im ready for nap..

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I went to China today..really I did. See, I signed up to work in the nursery and each age group has a country. I worked in China with the 7-12 months old and had soooo much fun! They were cute and silly and had a really good time. Its nice to serve and I realized what an awesome children's program my church has More on that. I still have not been to bed and worked last night so i am hoping to have more words later..Its odd that its Sunday and Michael's working.

Just a few more day until the Christopher Memphis trip and we have another trip planned as well! We will talk about that later.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


So this morning, I decided to hit Walmart for some new scrubs and get some new healthy foods as I want to try a low cal diet the next 3 days as I am working. I have tried 1 1600 diet before and it wasn't that bad.

I did well and thought about getting a salad to take to work tonight. I found the Healthy Food sections and found a yummy salad. I decided to look at the back just to see the calories. This was a normal salad with veggies, grilled chicken, cheese , other stuff and bacon bits and dressing..

Normal size salad and it said it had 5 servings. Each serving was 22o calories..For me to eat this salad would cost me over 1000 calories? what the heck? Seriously, that is just soooooo wrong.

***** update Dont you hate it when you spend hours of looking to find a great deal on a family vacation, then you find it and then works says no way you cant have it off even though its over 2 months away? yeah, I hate it when that happens*********

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blessings and tears

Lets go ahead and answer the question, the concert rocked! Pics by Michael coming soon!

So here is the deal, we were trying to get some of our community group to come with us but it was not in their budget. Last night at 545, we got a call from CG friends. They were given tickets by a friend and wanted to join us..I am so glad they did. I did not know Leslie and I had so much in common. We really really had a good time. It was much more than a concert, just awesome.

Anyway, I started thinking about how I have personally changed in the past few years. I mean spiritually, not physically or mentally hahaha!

No matter what your preference of worship style is, there is something about a large group of people singing together. Especially at church, the sound of hundreds of people praising God is sooo beautiful. I have felt God's presence so many times this year!

Then I started thinking about words like grace and mercy and how I can really appreciate those. I can now understand when I hear people talking about God's grace and mercy pouring down on them. I really understand. I am not sure I will ever comprehend God's grace and mercy, I understand when people talk about them. Its awesome. I used to be really nervous around people who lifted their hands during music. I now understand. God is soooo good. This past year has just rocked. I love singing at church and love having tears pour out as I realize how great my God is and I am so thankful that He loves me and has forgiven me and has given me hope and a promise for the future.

I now have such a peace. even in very stressful situations, I can find peace. Friends, if you want that peace, seek Him. Once you allow him to take over, your life is awesome. Its incredible what I have learned. Your life is soooo much more peaceful and joyful once you just let him have control. Oh its hard to give up that control and not want to take it back.Please don't miss ou. Oh there are struggles and there are questions you want answered, but you begin to learn that His plans are far better than anything you could come up with on your own. I have learned to find joy in sadness. I dont even have to look for it, God just whops me on the head sometimes.

Then I started thinking about those God moments. Have you had one recently? If you dont pay attention you will miss it. I don't want to miss these. Usually when I am alone and stressed God just throws something at me just to get my attention. I need to learn to be quiet, to be still and to listen. I will share some of those tomorrow. I love those. I love God whispers which are getting more frequent or maybe I am just starting to listen. It saddens me to think I have missed those whispers.

Sorry I am so longwinded. There will be more but so much has been flooding my heart and mind. And I know that no matter what happens in my life, it will be okay.

There are no coincidenses in life!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday afternoon. Rain..Wind. Tornado warning. How to make things a bit more cheerful? Well you head over to Alpharetta to see Steven Curtis Chapman in concert, thats what you do! Hoping to leave soon!!!

Dont forget to pray for the Uganda team! They are leaving today!!!

Thats all

and for the one commenter, I accept your challenge and will do one of those posts this week..Heehee

Friday, February 15, 2008

Random thoughts

Michael and I had lunch at a place called Chillitos and then saw the newest National Treasure movie.I really liked it.

I started thinking about something today. Did you see the movie Mask from the 80s? It was the story about a boy born with a facial deformity and how he relates to the world. I was thinking of one scene in particular. IT was the one where he teaches the blind girl how to see colors by putting things in her hands. Im not sure why I thought about that today except i am realizing that we all "see" or view things differently. Things that I think are incredibly important may not be as important as you. We all learn differently as well

I have had a lot of different thoughts lately on a lot of different things. Some things are heavy on my heart and some things are so silly and trivial I just laugh. I hope to share some of these things. Next week I may turn off comments for a while. Why? I dont know. I want to just share my heart and my mind. I may not even do it. Its my blog, I can do whatever I want I guess. Heehee!

2 things

There eventually will be some substance to this blog but until then

1) I figured out yahoo messager so I can chat with sister..My screen name is ganurse321 so add me..Chatting is fun!

2) Michael dedicated a song to me..I wont tell you what it but check out to what it is!

Let him know if you have a LDD for next week. yes I am pimping his blog

Thursday, February 14, 2008

open ended question

I'm still thinking about what i want to do on this blog and I have some idea.

Happy Valentines or Valentimes Day(however you choose to say it )

On that note, what is a perfect date for you?

Thursday 13 repeat

Thirteen Things about Amy
13 favorite romantic movies

1. The Notebook
2. A Walk to Remember
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. You've Got Mail
5.Hope Floats
6.Moulin Rouge
8.How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
9.Dirty Dancing
10.Here on Earth
11.Anne of Green Gables
12.Down to You
13.Sweet November

Whats not on this list?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Things are a changing

I don't like my blog..OH I am okay with the design and I like blogger, I just don't like the substance. I realized it a few weeks ago.

Let me explain why. I love my job and I mean I really love my job especially when I really connect with my families. I love sharing my stories (as much as I can due to confidentiality) and I really love comments.

I do feel uncomfortable with the comments that tell me what a special person I am because I dont think of myself that way. Dont get me wrong, I am child of God who made me in His image and because of that I am grateful. I don't want my blog to become all about me. Does this make sense? I am not sure what I will do.
I was thinking about starting a new blog sharing my thoughts of my spiritual journey which has simply been amazing this past year. I have thought about turning off comments for a time. I have thought of just posting small posts throughout the day.

Any ideas?????

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


They are seeing things with love. Please go visit here and see what they are seeing. WOW!!! Just beuatiful. Simply beautiful

This is BIG!

the night shift

I have many benefits of my job. One of these benefits is getting to know some of my families. Last night I admitted a patient who was 3 weeks old with RSV. She is beautiful, I mean the kind of beautiful that makes you want to stare at this child. Oh I hope she feels better soon. So, I started talking and asking my questions and learned that she was adopted. My new friend was in the delivery room when this sweet baby entered this world. This is her second baby and shared that story as well.

We eventually got the sweet baby sleep and mom and I talked and eventually I got mom to sleep as well.

Around 5 am, the resp therapist found me to tell me mom was crying. I went in to talk to her and learned that only does she have a brand new baby, her older daughter is sick, her mom is not feeling well so she hasnt seen the baby, the dog has cancer and husband has been taking care of kids, the house and the doh, and prior to this adoption she suffered a late miscarriage of twins from doing IVF. She has a lot on her plate and she is alone at the hospital. Will you please say a prayer for her? I so looking forward to talking more to her as she does have a happy story!
She explained to me her feelings the day she met MM! I asked her if she cried and she said it wasnt until mM cried that she just lost and said no matter how long we wait for LynnMarie, we will treasure the moment we will meet her..

I complain about work and sometimes I complain about the people I work with but I just love my job. I love moments like these,

Monday, February 11, 2008


Ragamuffin Soul in Uganda

The team is on their way to Uganda with Compassion International. An amazing thing has started. Several bloggers are on their way to Uganda and will be blogging about their experience..PRay for all involved! Check out

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the Grammys

If you ever want to punish me or make sure I go insane, lock me in a closet and make me listen to Kanye West and Amy Winehouse repeat their acceptance speeches. As much as I can appreciate their music (Love Golddigger), I soooo wanted to mute the tv.

Thats all until tomorrow.

Hope this doesn't tick anyone off..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Union- the memories

Union University

To read the impact this school on my life, head over the adoption blog and to see pics google it or visit

As you guys have seen or heard, Union was devastated. God is gracious and no lives were taken at Union, but many people died in these storms. Please keep all in your prayers.

Being the sentimental girl that I am, i thought I would summarize some key points of my college life in bullet style. For the record, my college rocks!

- I changed my major during my junior year. Sorry dad!

-I went to UU for the nursing school but changed to the nursing program because of a pharmacology class

- Because of upstairs neighbor Sara, I woke up a 5am for over a year, went to the YMCA and lost over 50 pounds

-I did not visit the cafeteria until my senior year

-I really tried to be cool, it didnt work

- Sara and I drove to Memphis in the rain trying to find a Clay Crosse concert, we were late and got there for the last song

-I was afraid of a lot of people

- I had friends in all sororities although I was never in one (too afraid)

- I had a kitchen in my dorm, Patton 11

-Vince Gill, Wynona and Michael English all visited Union

- I went to New Orleans on a short term trip

- 2 of my roommates sang in my wedding

-I actually had several roommates in college

-once a month I had to defrost the freezer with a knife and a hairdryer

-I once stole a sign from a park and ran

- I walked out of a movie with Jenny Hinton

-I missed curfew just a few times in college

- I not only lost a lot of weight but gained a lot as well (thank you O'Charley rolls)

-I got in trouble in college by complaining about loud neighbors and had to go to mediation

-i had to go to summer school because the night before my microbiology exam, my RA took a few of us to see Rebecca St. James in concert

- We had several tornado drills in college. Because of that, 8 girls got to bond in a downstairs bathroom

-we learned to keep one foot on the floor at all times during the times when boys and girls could visit each other

- I went on a retreat and apparently was to0 afraid to eat in front of people and my first roommate told on me.

- I was a bridesmaid for roomate Jenny during college

-I thought I was the only person not getting married during college

-I enjoyed going to chapel

- I babysat for my professors son Dalton and he is now in middle school. What the heck?

-Jenny had a car named Larry and she went home every weekend

- I worked at Walgreens, Sears and was a sitter for the hospital during college

-I loved driving home from TN to Fl for Christmas and cranked up the Christmas music

-I would get up on Sat mornings at 5am to be first at the washer and dryer

-I did several "allnighters" at Perkins studying before exams

-I went to church by myself a few times in college

-I leard to love Christmas and learned a song from Jenny called "On december 5 and 20 Fum FUm FUM

Enough about that. Its time to confuse you but here are few things about Union friends

- I was roommates with Jenny, LeeAnne, Tracy, Amy, jenny and Kim (not all the same time)
-my next door neighbors were Tiffany, Nivah, Jenny and Lori
- Jenny married
-Steven was best friends with
Jeff. I knew of them but didnt really know them in college
-Upstairs lived Sara and Val and some other people.
-Sara lives in Jackson and flew to Fl for my wedding and I have seen her a few times. here comes the good part.
-Jeff lived in Atlanta. We met him, all became friends and went to trivia several times with him
-Jeff married Val (yes the one above) and they got married in Tn. So we went to their wedding and saw all the people mentioned above and will see them again in a few weeks as they moved back to TN
-next door neighbor Lori is adopting from China and I hope to see her soon as well
-A different Lori lived across the street upstairs who will always be one of my best friends. Lori was a bridesmaid
-Lori, Jenny (next door neighbor) and were roomates for 1-2 summers and watched the movie SHAG dailiy

As you can see, I had amazing friends who are still in my life and amazing experiences..Pray for Union, the students, those making decisions concerning UNion and everyone in Jackson. I may add to this list as my memory brings more things up.

any other UU alumni want to share?

photo taken from

These were our dorms. Looking at this picture, I lived in the dorm to the far left, the one highter on the screen, the closest to the campus. As Steven said, the commons area (directly in the center of the picture) is gone. That is where we socialized since we had men and women dorms.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Praying for Union and Jackson TN

Wow! My college was tore up last night! Wow! Union Univ in Jackson Tn was hit HARD by tornados last night. 51 people had to visit the hospital and several were trapped for a while. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. How scary! In the last 2 years, many Union alumni have been reconnected by blogging. I know we all feel horrible right now. Many of us called UU home 4 years (some of us 4.5)!
Please pray for Union, the students and the city of Jackson. My MIL emailed me to say she saw it on CNN this morning!

You can find pics by googling it or other blogs..Check out Stevens blog for one heck of a picture!


Disaster relief fund -found on this evening

So many of our friends have contacted us about their desire to help Union University during this most challenging time for our campus. The Board of Trustees has established a special fund to address this particular need in the life of this University. For your generosity to Union at this particular time, please know of our gratitute.

Please send designated gifts to:
Union University Disaster Relief Fund
1050 Union University Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

David S. Dockery

Praying for you TN folks!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have posted this before.. Bloggers making a difference. head over to and go head and bookmark it, add it to your bloglines. Carlos is one of many bloggers going to Uganda in a week to make a difference and blog about it. This is BIG!! Cant wait to see what God can and will do!

Monday, February 04, 2008

weekend and such

Well, the Superbowl came and went! Im not really a football fan (I really done understand the whole first down thing at all) but I was soo glad another Manning won..I just think its cool that 2 brothers won the Superbowl back to back. It would also have been cool to hear about a perfect season but oh well.

Contest is over and back to your regularly scheduled blogging. Whats beeing going on..

Michaels 80s blog Taking You Back has some cool stuff going on..Check it out!

Im bored so heres a question until I think about something else to blog about..

Whats your favorite dessert?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wiinners announced

The 2 winners from the giveaway are

1) Melissa at Snapshots of Life

2)Katy at Country Blosson

Congrats! Stay tuned for my regular blogging and maybe another contest soon!

BTW, go visit the winners

Friday, February 01, 2008

ok that was a fun contest..Winners announced in the morning but let me tell you what I missed at work Sunday? or shall I say who? wanna guess? You will not believe it!!

GARTH BROOKS! HOLY COW! OK, SO i get star struck easy but he was 50 feet from my floor..They kept that a big secret..Im a bit tired so I have nothing to blog about but wanted to share another blogs coolest post ever..Yes it will make you smile and cry! Please go visit
CFHusband again!

Im so glad he shared this moment with his readers! Ill be back tomorrow! The contest is over but I would to read more about who you would have to dinner..Check the post above below!