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Monday, June 18, 2007

I found memories


Its hot outside! I spend an hour or 2 bringing boxes and things from the white room (possible nursery) to the garage in preparation for our garage sale on Saturday. I opened a box and found photo albums from before we moved in our house, (aka the first 3 years of marriage and our engagement). I am so happy. I just spent a few hour looking at my nieces and nephews as babies and the Pentz family Disney Cruise.. I love looking at pics and I love creating memories.

On that note, I have 3 phone calls regarding our garage sale already this morning along with a couple of emails..Pray for good weather on Saturday because its looking like it will be a success. Friday will be organizing the garage, pricing items and creating signs for around the neighborhood. So far, its been pretty fun. Lucy, on the other hand, does not like me to go upstairs or in the garage.

last night, we had dinner with Kelly, my one and only sister..we had dinner at Macaroni Grill and had a good time. She even told a funny.

My vision has changed recently and that concerning me. Its only without glasses or contacts that its bad. With glasses on, I can see fine..I hope its just age. As a neuro nurse, you just kind of worry. But, I have no other symptoms and I already talked to a neurologist I work with and they said no worries..So okay

Today is our prayer day over at The Christopher Family blog Please continue to pray for Michael and his job search. If you are in Atlanta and have some ideas, please let us know!!

Have a blessed day and keep praying!!


Debi said...

Good luck with the garage sale...they sure are a lot of work!

I love, love, love your new look!!!

ali said...

what is he looking for? my parents live in Atlanta...

Sue said...

I hope your garage sales goes well. Changing vision stinks. I love your new design.

annie said...

Well if you lived in OKC AT&T is hiring :o)...
I'll be praying for him to find a perfect job.
I love your new blog look! So cute.
Susie does such good work huh?
My Life as Annie!

Amy said...

Mmmmmm, Macaroni Grill is my favorite restaurant!! I get the Penne Rustica all the time. What do you like?

I will pray for a successful garage sale! I know we always did really well if we priced everything to sell. Not sure how it works in GA though.

I'll be praying for you eyesight too. That can be scary and I hope all you need is to continue wearing glasses. Which does remind me I need to get mine checked very soon.

And one more thing, Michael is on my prayer list too!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

At this point I need anything, though I took an important step in a career path I have longed for for years, I applied for work as a police officer.

Jen said...

love the new look

praying for you for Saturday

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love looking through old photos!

Heart of Rachel said...

Good luck to Michael. Hope he finds the perfect job.