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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday 13

My first Thursday 13 on my new blog!!!

Thirteen Things about Amy
13 Things about my husband

1. He is a smarty pants and so I am.
2. He has the best facial expressions and he always makes me laugh
3. When I got up from my nap, dinner was practically ready
4. He does the dishes!
5. He takes Lucy the basset hound for walks
6. He was just as active as I was in the paperchasing for our China adoption paperwork
7.He has introduced me to some great movies
8. He plans great date nights!
9. He knows how much I love Christmas and has planned some events at Christmas time before
10. He got to me like Jimmy Buffett
11. Michael has a very eclectic taste in music
12. He helped me meet Steven Curtis Chapman. Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, Avalon and Rebecca St. James
13. He really is my greatest friend and its wonderful to be married to such a rockin guy!
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Qtpies7 said...

I'm an out looking early for ideas, so mine isn't up yet.
Your TT is a nice tribute to your dh! Sounds like a great, fun guy!

YoungMommy said...

Aaah, what a great guy! You are truly blessed!

Happy TT'ing!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Love the new look. I've been on Susie's list for a long time . . . looks like she's making progress. Woohoo!

L^2 said...

Awww... what a sweet list! Sounds like you got a good one. :-)

Also, lovin' the new blog look.

Stine said...

No wonder you grabbed him... Thanks for visiting!

Susan said...

What a beautiful TT! Sounds like you and your husband are genuinely blessed. My DH and I have been married 20 years this summer and I am so blessed.

:-) Susan

My TT is up too.

Gattina said...

Nice compliments to your hubby ! I can't complain either, lol !

Sparky Duck said...

I love the new look

I always knew the hubby was a great guy, but sheesh, such a glowing advertisement.

Daisy said...

Your husband sounds very very wonderful!

Chelle said...

You're going to make a lot of women jealous! :)

You should show him this list!

Chelle said...

P.S. I love the look of your new blog!

sam said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous husband!!

Happy TT!

Christine said...

Love your new look, Susie does such beautiful work.

Sounds like your husband is a real great guy! Beautiful tribute, Amy!

Happy TT!

Bubba's Sis said...

What a great list!

Jenny McB said...

Love the new blog! Great colors and layout.

Nice post about your husband, isn't great to feel like you have found your soulmate.

Cindy Swanson said...

Amy, sounds like you've got a keeper! :)