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Monday, June 25, 2007

Jury Duty Update

Its noon. We were dismissed for lunch but instead of fighting traffic, I shall take my coke zero and Cheetos's for lunch,

Might I add that Cobb County has been much fmore entertaining than Fulton County was for my jury duty.

The guy beside me lives directly behind me. You heard that correctly and his wife hires for home health nursing..Woo Hoo. this could be a cool part time job. It is a small world.

No drama yet..I hear people talking that there might be a child molestation case. If that's the case, I (a pediatric nurse) will probably be eliminated.. Not in that way.

I will more than likely be here a bit longer and will have to come back tomorrow around 9am. I got stressed getting here but its not bad. If you have ever been to Marietta Square, its quite nice. I almost want to just walk around here some time.

Our friend
Jeff lost his grandma this weekend. Please say a prayer for his family


Uisce said...

jury duty -- I'm so jealous -- I want to get called! can you see me on a jury? crazy! :)

Sparky Duck said...

Its not Atlanta county jury duty is it, that would suck

MickeysWife said...

you should walk around Marietta's so fun and cute and quaint and relaxing. They have music sometimes and other fun stuff too. I like it. I miss it.