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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jury Duty

Tomorrow is my last day, but actually my third day there..Its been better than I expected and I have been off this week from work meaning I got lots of time with Michael.

Have you ever had jury duty?

Is there a blog thats a must read today?

Dont forget to go visit Michaels Friday Flashback at Valtools Box to see his 80s music. Im gonna get him set up with bloglines this weekend (note that he can do it himself, im just going to encourage it) so if you have a cool blog go leave a comment so he can add you to his bloglines list)


Hootin'Anni said...

Yes...I've had jury duty several times, and don't care for the 'interruption of life-style'

Heart of Rachel said...

We don't follow the jury system in the Philippines so I've never experienced it before.

Good luck on your last day and hope everything turns out fine.

Sister Snoopy said...

I've been sent notices twice. The first time it was for jury duty in Idaho and I was in Louisiana. The second time I was in the hospital for a pacemaker implant. They needed proof from my cardiologist.

I was very disappointed both times to not be able to participate/serve. I think it's a privilege to serve but I understand how others would feel a different way...