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Thursday, May 15, 2008


As someone adopting from China, I feel a bit of connection to this country. I can not imagine thousands of people being buried after an earthquake. I do not want to think of how scared those people were. College students were killed. Parents were killed.This kind of tragedy pulls at my heart and makes me think of my family even more. I can not fathom what these people are thinking or going through. I am sure those of you who are home with your children from China have a totally different perspective. You are thinking of the affected provinces and the orphanages your babies came from.

Rarely do I post something on both of blogs, but this disaster is going to touch everyone around the world. They are going to need help. Lots of help. Dozens of organizations are accepting donations. There are orphanages and other places in China that are going to need help. I hope you will help. I can not imagine that one of the people suffering in China may be the birth mom or other caregiver of
LynnMarie one day and that makes my heart sad. The death toll is rising. The survivors are going to need help. There are paypal accounts set up. Even if you only have 5 dollars to help, I know that 5.00 can help. If you are a praying person, pray for this country, pray for those helping and pray that God will show you how you can help.

I know there are countries all of the world who need help. Right now my heart is in China.

Once I have confirmed info on where you can help, I will post it. I will let you know how Michael and I choose to help.

If you have info for people who need help. Please leave a comment.

****** I am being told that both Love Without Boundaries and Half the Sky both have places to donate. Both are great organizations.*********

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Jen & Bill said...

Half the Sky has a fund. Ford Motor Company has stepped up and said they will match their donations. Your donation will go longer.