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Thursday, May 29, 2008

my weight

Ok, I sort of lied. I weighed at work last week and the lovely scale said I gained 2lbs. So when I weighed at the weigh in last week, I actually gained 4.6lbs which I was way okay with since it was still less than 5lbs.

Weigh in yesterday, down 3.6 lbs meaning I have still lost over 20lbs in just over 2 months and I am proud of it.

Eating better, still having a "free point meal" once or twice a week. Getting lots of water in and really enjoying exercising. It goes by so fast now and the IPOD is awesome.

Right now, I go to a women's gym but to save money I may start going to Gold's Gym so Michael and I can go together.

Well, that's that. We are going to try the WW crockpot chicken fajitas tonight!


Special K said...

You're doing great. You know that it won't happen overnight (if it did it wouldn't last!). Just keep at it. I'm so proud of you.

Pam and Jeff said...

STand tall. You are doing great!!! Let me know how the crockpot fajitas taste.

Annie said...

Just keep on keepin' on girl! It's a battle! A battle I say!!!!

Lose a pound, gain a pound. Essh, makes me crazy!

I'm having a little contest over at my blog. Feel free to stop by :)

sara said...

you go girl!!

happy 13 months, by the way!!

Valtool said...

I didn't know it was a WW recipe, but the chicken my wife made last night was wonderful!

Nikki said...

You are doing so good, I wish I could say the same. Maybe reading about you will inspire me.

Gotta let you know you have inspired more readers to my blog than I have ever gotten before. Thanks for the comment on whittakerwomen's blog - everyone now has visited to see what you talking about - LOL. You are the best!

Love you and keeping you in my prayers!