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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More reasons why I love my job and stuff

Sunday night, my patient made me a Mii and I got to play the Wii for the first time. Way cool, but my patient beat me.

Tonight, I have a patient who does not even weigh 4lbs. Shes perfectly healthy and really should not be in the world quite yet but I could stare at her forever. Such tiny features. I just can not believe how itty bitty she is.This teeny tiny baby is going to grow into a healthy adult. Thats just awesome.

In other news, thanks to Michael's side of the family, we are going to get a new nephew today!

***** and on other news, I went ahead and got on the scale. I have only gained 2lbs since getting on the cruise which I assumed would be a lot more. I am not going to sweat 2lbs, back to the program I go. I have still lost 20 lbs which is cool!******


Annie said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog - It's very nice to meet you :)

I could never do your job. Never. I'd end up crying all the time! Thank you for what you do for the families that come your way.

Congrats on only 2 lbs. I wouldn't sweat it either!!!

The Straight's said...

Only 2 pounds-piece of cake-literally :) Glad to hear you are back on program which of course as you know includes meetings!

Librarian Lee said...

Kudos to you on the weight. I admire you for your work- those babies are blessed to have someone to care. I'm going to start work in the next few weeks on little quilts for critical care infants. i'll think of you with every stitch. ~LeeA

sara said...

you're doing awesome, Amy!! I gotta get on the program myself - this means giving up my coffee. Hmmmf.