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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heavy heart today

Do you ever wonder why you are where you are? I mean I am sitting here in an air conditioned home with high speed wireless Internet, making pasta, while others are sitting in countries with no electricity, no clean water and attempting to entertain their children with what little toys they have? Sit back and imagine what that is like. You rarely have clean clothes, you do not get hot showers and you do not compain. I think about families around the world. There is more to the world than Atlanta, Ga.

Do you ever wonder why you were not one of the thousands of people who died in the earthquake or the tsunami a few years ago or even the tornadoes in TN?

I have been wondering why I am so fortunate. Why me? Why am I here in the United States? Do I take my life foregranted? I have been wondering why I am so selfish. Is it in fact human nature? Some families walk for miles to get groceries barefoot and I complain about the price of gas going up. I am fortunate to have a car.

This post is not to make you feel guilty. I feel guilty. Do you think we were possibly put on this earth to help other people? I have not helped anyone. Really I want to help, I just haven't. I am so focused on where my life is now and where it is going, the only thing I have done for other people is feel sorry for them. I do want to do more. I want people to have the help they need to have better lives, but am I willing to give the help? Does anyone else feel like this?

Why as a nation such as ours, do we not help more? Why are we so focused on ourselves and what would make our lives easier? Is it because I am lazy or is it because I am just comfortable the way I am and I do not like change?

Now I realize that by posting this does not mean that I will change myself. I hope that I do. I hope that I can begin putting other people ahead of myself, because I believe God created me that way. I have to find away to do more.

These are the questions I think about.


Librarian Lee said...

Feeling sorry is not much different than compassion - and compassion is virtuous and loving and will guide you to what should be done. I'm practicing to remember to pray for others and somehow my prayer leads me to doing...maybe my doing is small, but a lot of small doing can change things. ~Lee

sara said...


DH & I had this very conversation the other day (after watching the $8 hotdog) and on the tail of the earthquake and the tsunami. I feel almost sick driving through Wendys & buying Quilted Northern when every 15 seconds someone dies from drinking dirty water. Yes, not AIDS or a natural disaster or a plague - simply not having clean water. I definitely KNOW that we are HERE for a reason. We are doing what we are doing every day as a part of God's plan. I think we all continue ( or start) to pray about what God would have us do as a part of the "Big Story". We aren't meant to understand - ever, only act in obedience and pray that we can make a difference.

Hugs to you from another guilty heart...

Valerie said...

Very deep thoughts. I always say we need take every day as a gift. I enjoyed your blog. We live in Georgial also, Dalton, the carpet capitol of the world.

daisy said...

I think about this, too.

We take our comfortable lives for granted, and other people struggle for their lives on a daily basis.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the pics of Lucy--I can just tell she has a ton of personality, doesn't she?

Jose said...

Amy I have read many times before that the United States of America as a nation help more and do it faster than any other country. We are able to do this thanks to the millions of common people like you and I that aren't rich at all but are blessed with a steady job and pay our taxes. Without our contributions aid like this would not be possible. Another example is what American Idol did in one day, to raise the amount of money they raised in the one show only comes from a country that cares. You are right to feel the way you feel as an idividual but think of yourself as a part of a bigger picture too.

Tymm said...

You should be really stoked about feeling that way - that is God in you.

We have been wrestling with this too, where to focus our energy and resources and talents - we definitely don't want to close any doors to God and are just praying and waiting for the right door to present itself so we can follow Him through it.

You have a good heart and God can and will use you. Nice post...

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh I understand about this... I sometimes do the same thing... sit here and think of this and then realize how I take it for granted and (for example) there are those in China who have gone through the earthquake and no house... I live with my 'in-laws' and I want a place of my own so bad... but at least I have a roof over my head... I am wondering am I being taught a lesson here??? I try to be compassionate - I donate my $25 each month to Half The Sky... but still... it creeps back and I start to take things for granted... maybe it is life trying to teach us a lesson???

Susan said...

Oh Amy, you have hit so many nails on the head via this post. We are so fortunate and we really don't realize just what kind of abundance we live in. We went to the beach yesterday to hand out cold water and you would not believe the number of people who were totally shocked by this simple act. I'll bet you've done great things for people without even realizing.

The questioning is what leads to seeking answers which means one thing: ACTION.



amy said...

I watch movies and I tear up because although its acting, there are some movies that really show the picture of those less fortunate. Why am I so lazy? Am I afraid to feel more?

Someone once told me that sadness and confusion was the Holy Spirt starting to stir things up

Susan said...

Hi Amy,

This was so true. I'll never forget the first time I walked out of an airplane in Moscow. I felt like I was entering the "Twilight Zone". As I boarded a train and saw all the faces of these people the first thought was, "why was I born in the US and not them?"

We have been so blessed living in a nation like we do. We are so rich, and so full.

I believe because of this our walk with Christ can be so shallow. I've learned more from people who have not had one fourth of what we have here in this country.

Sorry, you got me thinking.

Great post♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, You've been in my thoughts a lot lately. I pray for y'all and your adoption journey. (((HUGS)))