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Sunday, May 25, 2008

WW meetings and such

Some of you guys have really been encouraging me to get back to my WW meetings and this past week I did. Glad I went. I knew I had gained 2lbs and since I have been eating totally off program for 3 weeks, I was okay with that.

So I go in and get on the scale. If you have ever been to WW, you know that if the person immediately doesn't say "You lost _____" then you have gained. She passed me my paper and didn't tell me but simply said , well at least you are here. Oh that ticked me off and I just wanted to leave. But I stay and I am glad I did. The lady who ticked me off and I quickly got over it has lost over 225 pounds. In fact last week, she was flown out to NYC to be on the TOday show because of her weight loss. She shared her story and then we talked about Memorial day and how not to fall off the wagon. People shared recipes and although I may not go back to that leader, I am glad I went and it motivated me to get back on..

Last night, Michael grilled me a chicken kabob and it was really good!!!!!

Hope all of you have a great week and for those who eat WW food. Publix has the desserts buy one get one free.

I am enjoying the WW and working on getting back to where I was 7 weeks ago. Its hard but I know I can do it. I have to make better choices..It sounds simple but it really is not.

I will control my weight and eating habits, they will not control me!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Keep up the great work! I know how hard it is when you gain a few back, but you seem to have the right mind set to get back on the wagon.

jenn said...

It's hard to get back into the routine of healthy eating. I fail all the time. Just remember that today is a new day. Focus on the success of tomorrow, not the failures of yesterday!

The Straight's said...

So sorry to hear that Sissy wasn't more welcoming. She is also an adoptive parent (domestic) and she is a good leader. She is usually the first one to say that the people who weigh you in should be very helpful and friendly! She gained 14 pounds on her first WW vacation-so don't feel like you screwed up. Only 2 pounds-you should be very proud. If you see Sissy again, mention to her that you are waiting for your little one in China. She may then mention me, and let her know you are a friend and that she needs to be more supportive!!

Glad to hear you are back to meetings. I am going to a great meeting now on Fridays at 12:30PM if you ever want to join me there!

amy said...

what I was saying was that I judged too quickly. I loved her!

Next time will be better!

Michelle said...

Great job! I know how hard this journey can be at times but not giving up is the biggest trick toward success. I love chicken kabobs!

Melessa said...

My weigh-in lady once audibly gasped at a 3 lb. weight-gain. She was a good leader too, but that really threw me.

Milly said...

Keep trying

Jodie said...

I gained last time too and my leader didn't give me the pep talk I was hoping for.. I don't think it was the leader trying to be critical. I think it could be more of "The important thing is that you are still working on it and not so guilt ridden that you stop coming."