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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

catching up


Weight loss- looks like I have plateaued. Hope to have a better week next week

Night shift- still working it and meeting the coolest families

Lucy the basset hound- still miss her badly

Michael and I want to plan one last trip before we get our referral which is still a long time away but we need to save some money, so no more vacations besides going home to Florida. So, we want to rent a cabin for a few days this October in the North Ga Mountains. Any recommendations?

I have had 4 days off and got to have lunch with friends this week and that was fun!

We have a massive cleaning of the house in front of us and I need a name for it you know like Operation ????? Any ideas would be fabulous

Tomorrow I am part of a book tour and will be reviewing a fab book. Come by and leave a comment so I can keep doing this, woohoo!

Do not forget about the post card exchange. The button to join is right below the "Book I am reading" thing.

So what fun stuff are you guys up to?


Jose said...

Wow, after my vacation I am catching up on work and blogging, and just plain resting from the vacation itself.

Renting a cabin sounds like a lot of fun. I have been wanting to do that here, Northern Arizona has some fabulous places where they rent cabins... ummm! maybe this year.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

A cabin getaway sounds fabulous!

The 5 Powell's said...

I'm coming home...that's gonna be fun! :) We'll be there July 23rd - August 5th with a brief out of town adventure from the 27-31st. Work me in your schedule!!!!!

Bent Tree has some cabin rentals in N. GA...I guess you could google it...??? I don't have the info! Sorry!

Annie said...

If you were coming west (and I mean WAY west) I'd have some ideas for ya...but since I've only been as far as Chicago I have no suggestions. I'm sure it will be lovely though to just get away with your guy!