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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Not sure what to write today. I had to write something so that the last post would not be the first thing I saw when I visited my blog.

Its still hard. Got home today and watched some tv with Michael. Tears flowed as I looked out the window I realized I would not see my Lucy running around and she would not be in my lap watching TV anymore.

Some people have told me that Lucy is in Heaven and I didn't want to think otherwise. I mean, my choices were Lucy goes to heaven or her entire existence was just wiped out. So yesterday afternoon, I woke up listening to Jeremy Camp and the lyrics were " Everything that has breath praise the Lord". I googled the whole pet in heaven thing and it said the Bible is not that clear on the whole thing. So I looked up the lyrics and found it in scripture. I don't know. I did find some comfort in those verses.

Life does go on. We will not be getting a dog anytime soon, and honestly I am not sure if we will get one. Too soon anyway.

Anyway, this post was really not supposed to be about my sweet Lucy.

This morning I start my 7 week small group study using Beth Moore's book on Psalms. It will be nice to see the ladies from the church again. I miss fellowship.

5 nights in a row at work is rough. I have Wednesday off then I am back on Thursday and then off Thurs and Friday.

Good news, I am down 3.6 pounds this week. I did go to a WW meeting and found another great leader. I am down 24.8lbs, so close to 25 pounds. I miss exercising but I just ant when working so many nights in a row.

I am hoping Michael and I will find something fun to do soon. I need to get my mind off of sadness. Not just my own. People around me are suffering. People I have not met are grieving a loss.

But there is joy. We have friends that are mommy and daddy as of yesterday. We have friends leaving in just a short time to bring their sweet girl home from Africa. We have a new nephew. These are the things that make me smile. Do you have good news?


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

My good news is that our house didn't blow away in a tornado overnight. We had horrible horrible storms, and continue to have them, but so far we're here and safe.

As for the pet heaven thing....I used to not believe they went to heaven. After all, to get there you have to make a choice for Christ and animals can't do that. But Mike once told me something and it's a good point..... that there is joy in heaven....sheer joy....and if your pets would bring you joy, why wouldn't God make sure they were there with you??? He's that good that he'd bring Lucy (or in my case Shadow) to heaven for us. Hmmmm.....

Kim said...

My good news is that Sheridan got his cast off yesterday! A very minimal scar from the surgery, but still lots of swelling. He is one happy camper and so are we.

Special K said...

My good news is that my son will get to meet one of my best friends this weekend! Maybe you know her! Can't wait to see you.

I choose to believe that pets are hanging out in heaven waiting for us. The Bible is silent on the subject, but I think God wants us to be happy in heaven and having my Lady Byng by my side for all eternity would be so very happy.

Annie said...

I put the whole pet in heaven thing in my, "I'll figure it out when I get there" file. But I hope they are :)

Good news: five days with my boy home, both kiddies under the same roof, dh still has a job, we are all safe, and Jesus reigns!

Beverly said...

check and do a search on pets in heaven. I can't imagine a loving God creating a perfect place and leaving out those pets He gave us to love and care for knowing how much we would love them. Plus there are horses there so why not dogs and other pets!!

The 5 Powell's said...

I do have good son is taking a nap and my girls are running around in the backyard practically naked making grass "cakes"! Isn't that fun?! :)

Fresh Girl said...

We got good news yesterday. I blogged about it this morning, but in brief, my brother got a job after several months of unemployment. Huge load off all our minds! :)

I hope each day is better than the last, Amy.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

No good news here, just the same old thing.

25lb weight loss-YEAH for you! Good job.

Cindi said...

I have never sat down and really thought about whether or not my pets go to Heaven. Honest, I think I’ve always just assumed that they would and I have to say that I believe with everything that I am that our pets do go to Heaven.

Some people believe that Heaven is a state of being, while some consider it a place. Me, I’m not sure. I figure it’s nice either way…but this I know. If we have any say in the matter...then there are definitely pets in Heaven. I know this because my mom is there waiting for me, along with one of my brothers (my youngest) and I’m not sure it would ever been Heaven for her without her beloved dachshunds. I like to think that she’s there surrounded by all the unconditional love of all of the puppies we had over the years.

In the meantime, I’ll be praying that time will bring you peace.

Aly said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!! We lost our family dog of 10 years last October....sooo sad:( I also do WW, way to go on your weight loss this week!!!!!!!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

YAY on the weightloss (sorry for my fried food posts lately, but thank for coming by anyway) =)

Maybe staying out of the house for awhile would help you heal from Lucy's passing? I know that when my father passed away I had to move away from home as quickly as I could. It was just too hard being in a place where I expected him to come around every corner, and where I could miss the usual noises he made (like singing a funny song anytime the doorbell or phone rang.