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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thoughts and question

Ok, so here is a random thought I had in regards to a question that was asked lately? Why even pray when God know everything?

my answer: You know when you are talking a 4 or 5 year old and you ask them what they are doing or what they did or how there day was? You probably already know what they did or whether or not they had a good day or not..but.. You want to interact with this wonderful human being. You want to talk to him or her. No matter that you already know the answers, you want him or her to share things with you, to have a relationship. I think we are like that to God

Here is another question that I have thought about at sometime in my 34 (or is it 33 or 35, please say no to35)

When were cavemen around? Where in time were dinosaurs? I know about Adam and Eve and I know Jesus walked around over 2000 years ago but where were the cavemen? I really am asking, not just being silly!


the5powells said...

I, too, have thought the cavemen thought...I mean..where Adam & Eve cavemen? Were the cavemen before the Tower of Babel cuz it seems if they were building a tower that tall, then they'd have more than just the rudimentary stick like the cavemen so it has to be before then, huh? It's so confusing?

Beverly said...

We are def like that to God. Have you ever thought that "cavemen" may not be what we think or who we think they are? I think it is the descendents of Adam before the flood. I am a new earth creationist, GASP! Yep, Dinorsaurs couldn't have died before man because death didn't enter the picture before sin so therefore man and dinosaur lived together. The "pictures" we see are guesses really so when someone comes to a fossil or skelaton there is already a theory from which the person is working and thus we get the pictures of the cavemen as we now understand them to have been but I don't think that is correct. Check out Today's Creation Moments or Answers in Genesis. These are wonderful faith building sites that really help Christians take the millions of years out of Genesis.


Annie said...

Beverly answered the questions perfectly. See Job 40:15-18 the Behemoth. Although some refer to this creature as a hippo, how many hippos do you know with a tail like a cedar? NO Hippo I've ever seen. Sounds more like a dino :) Also see Job 3:8, Ps 104:26, IS 27:1 Leviathan - a creature of the deep. Doesn't sound like a whale. God refers to him as a dragon who lives in the sea.

Food for thought :)