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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2nd Day Without hubby

I am going to have a surpise visitor for dinner tomorrow.My mom and dad! Yippee! They are stopping by on the way to NC! It will be nice..The house wont be perfectly clean but thats okay. The kitchen is almost perfect. All of the counters are clear and very shiney.We are missing our tiles to our new bakers rack.If they were all here, I would be all set. Yesteday I told you about the sunrise I saw on my out from work. Thats one of those times I wish I had my camera..It would been prettier from outside.

Lucy and I are having a rainy day. She let me me clean the kitchen with no hassle and she has had no problems going outside in the rain to go peepee. Before Mans Best Friend it was a total problem. They are awesome..Expensive, but at least we know that everytime we board her there, she will continue the training and plus with our discount, its not much more than leaving her at the vet...She is "sitting" and doing the "heel" thing much easier. mom hasnt seen her since january and dad hasnt seen her..Hopefully it will be a great visit..

Whats going on with you today?


scribbit said...

Rain here too, but at least no snow (knock on wood). I was supposed to take my toddler swimming but when we got there the pool was inexplicably closed. Panic! So we did a quick detour to McDonald's playland, which still didn't quite heal the hole but it helped.

amy said...

Bummer but I am sure playland was fun

Anonymous said...

It must be raining everywhere! I stayed in my pajamas most of the day and Baby Boy is still in his. He'll get a bath tonight, he won't stay in them a full 24 hours! :)

I wish we would have done some kind of training with our puppy...she's so hyper, still. She's 2 and has started to calm down...but still gives us a run for our money sometimes. I'm glad your pup is starting to listen will make things so much easier when your little one makes her debut!

Hope things go well with the visit from the folks ~ don't worry too much about the house, that's not why they are stopping by! :)

Have a great night!