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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weddings, Road trips, and Jackson TN

Well everyone else has blogged about this weekend so I guess I will as well. Let me just say it was perfect, all of it.

Okay, so the plan was to attend the wedding of the year, the Howell/Rushing wedding near Memphis. The bride is Val and the groom is Jeff. I went to a small Christian college which I will call Union Univ. At Union, I had many roommates including Jenny and Leeanne and several more. Upstairs lived a girl named Val (the bride). Next door lived Jenny R who married Steven R (who was Jeffs best friend). Note: didn't know Steven or Jeff in college). Moved to Atlanta, meet Jeff. He quickly becomes a good friend and trivia team member roughly about 8 months ago. I say 8 months, because our first meeting was 5 days before his first date with Val. Needless to say, it was wonderful for hubby and I to have a new friend in Atlanta, plus we had college in common.

Friday, we left after my Certified Pediatric Nurse review course and went to Sara house in Jackson. To confuse you more, Sara was Vals roommie in college. Anyway, we ate pizza and watched tv and then we crashed. Saturday was crazy, slept late, had to finish the wedding gift (will explain after bride and groom get back) and get a new shirt. Michael and I headed to Millington to have lunch with Jenny, Leeanne and children. It was so nice to sit and talk to them and share memories and such. Jennys hubby took a pic so I will share when it gets back. The other issue of the weekend was to collect pics for the adoption dossier. We need lots of pics with other people in the back and worked on this as well. So we had lunch and then Michael and I and Kevin and Jenny went to the wedding and reception.

Guys, this was the most beautiful, loving ceremony ever..Everyone says this but Jeff and Val and so meant for each other and so in love. I have been exchanging emails and blog posts with various members of Jeffs family and it was great to see all of them. To be a part of this was amazing and there were memories I will remember forever. Ceremony was short and totally to the point..Walk over to the reception and see Steven who once again, I really didn't know in college. Went on a spring break missions trip once, but thats it..Awesome guy and I do remember what a great sense of humor he has. I find him and I am like where is your wife? Jenny has always been special to me. She was a roommate of mine one summer. Supersweet and just a beautiful person. She is also a pediatric nurse and we had lots to talk about. I really thought I was still in college. Then I see Tracy, one of Vals best friends? Guess what? She was also a roomie. Jenny, Tracy and I all started Union together.

Well, eventually, the new hubby and wife had to leave. It appeared the limo was following us after they left, but I am sure thats not what happened. Truly a good time was had by all.

Got back to Jackson and had dinner with Sara, shani, saras cousin at O'Charleys. A fave of mine in college. We then got a few happy drinks and watched some movies. We watched Last Holiday with Queen Latifah (actually very good) and That thing you do which I had never seen. Went to bed late, which means woke up late..I am glad Jeff and Val got married the day they did as they got to sleep in an extra hour.

Sara has 2 dogs now..Pepsi (a large rat) and Bernard (a homeless puppy who looks like a St. Bernard). I will try to post a pic..More stories and pics to come later.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were busy having fun this weekend! :)

I'm on my way to the adoption blog now...sorry my Cory story made you cry. The way I look at it, I still owe you one because both of the videos on your adoption blog made me cry! But heck...sometimes a good cry feels good.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a busy weekend having fun! :)

Sorry my Cory story made you cry...I cried writing it. Sometimes you just need a good cry, ya know? I figure the really I still owe you one, because both of the videos on your adoption blog made me cry!

I'm headed over there now to check it out! Have a great day!

Anonymous said... I don't look like I complete dork...let me explain why there are 2 different messages and how much I am not liking Blogger this morning.

I typed the first one and went to publish it...the page came up that said "Cannot find Server" so I went back to see if I could salvage it. It had disappeared. I was not happy. I retyped the message and sent it again. When I published it...low and behold the first message appeared out of nowhere already published. Sorry...UGH!