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Sunday, October 22, 2006

etc and the blog of the day is..............

4/5 nights in a row..Only 1 to go..SO far so good. I was able to love on a newborn and do some feeding which was nice.I am working with many new people to the hospital, which has also been helpful.

With that being said. I have chosen the blog of the day..I dont plan on doing this 7 days a week but come by and visit and see if you have been chosen. Please stop by the blog of the day and say hello to them!!!!

The blog of the day is Thoughts of a Mama. She has been chosen because
a)she posts on my blog
b) she is totally cool and has an adorable baby and another one the way and
c)Her blog is pretty neat!!!

So look for more blogs to be posted and if you want a chance to be blog of the day, post away!!!

P.S If you dont want to be chosen or if you want me to take your link down, just let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Aww...thanks for the nice comments about my blog and me! :) I'm so totally siked to be your blog of the day! I have so much nervous energy because of the waiting game we are playing with my sister I feel like I'm going to bounce right out of my skin! I'll keep you posted ~ hope you have a great day...oh, and don't worry...if my kid is sick and you want to treat him I'll ask questions so I know what's going on but let you do your job. I'm not an idiot! ;)