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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

YES!!! and blog of the day

I finally made the THursday blogroll. HOw cool is that? More details tonight or tomorrow on that. I have today off and then tomorrow and friday a review class to become a certified pediatric nurse and then off to the state of TN for the wedding of the year! How wonderful it will be to celebrate with the new couple and to see friends I have not seen in years and years. I am glad hubby will get to make it!

Well, in regards to blog of the day! I only have one rule..

1) You can not ask to be the blog of the day..HaHa! That ruins the surprise..Sorry Steven, that eliminates you for the day!!

SO, today will be my husband or as the blog world recognizes him..Valtool
Head on over to and say hello.. Apparently he may be travelling again soon..I will have to talk to him about this..
Not much going on...
Will post later


Steven M. Russell said...

For the record...

On your very blog. Like two posts down. You say the following.

"P.S If you dont want to be chosen or if you want me to take your link down, just let me know!"

There is no mention of this "rule." Now Amy, you can't just be making up rules as we go.

amy said...

This is true, I humble apologize and take all rules away!!!!!

See you guys Saturday!

Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah, I think those blogrolls update everytime someone on them posts. Someone saw me on the WW blogroll, commented on my previous post, and THAT'S the only reason I posted something. I am seriously stuck in my office catching up today. UGH!

Now I'll check out Valtool...

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Steven, According to Jamie Farr - as the Prince in Cannonball Run II - Remeber the Golden Rule, "He who has the gold makes the rules. Now I go first!"