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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Thanks so much guys and gals for your encouragement on the blogger situation.Im glad I am not such a failure and I hope you guys are having a great day. I am heading out to work in a few minutes and hope to have a TT up by now, although I am sure it will not be creative.
If anyone can tell me where to put the blogroller of TT on my template so its not in the upper right corner, I would really appreciate it.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I just opened your source code for your blog to take a look...

you'll want to open up your template. Scroll down until you see !-- Begin #sidebar-wrapper -- in between a set of these < >.

Keep scrolling down until you see this:
ul class="archive-list" in between <>.

You have a choice, you can put the TT blogroll either after that- which should have the html for the link to your archives that looks like this:">October 2006 (with <>'s)

or after the "powered by Blogger" button/link:
"powered-by" a href="" src="" alt="Powered by Blogger" / (with <>'s)

BUT make sure you have it contained within the side bar area, be sure to put the bloroll code before you see this:

!-- End #sidebar -- (both with <>'s)

Hope that helps! If you have more questions, you can get my email from my profile, or leave me a comment on my blog. Happy TT!