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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

its Halloween

The trick or treaters should be arriving in a few hours and I want to guess the popular costumes for the evening. The radio stations have said that superheroes and pirates were going to be number one, but apparently several people dressed up as steve irwin this weekend including the insensitive can you be?

I am hoping there are no Wiggles this evening, but I am not sure I will be so lucky. I didnt get Lucy a costume which means she will dressing up for Christmas..Poor Lucy the bassett hound. We shall see.

I have tomorrow off and then Thursday we are working on adoption things like meeting with the social worked and getting our police clearance. All is well.
Uhm, thanks for reading this..

People, please go to and vote on baby names. I put margaret on there because I know MIchael likes it..It can not win. Please help. As much as I would like to cheat and vote myself, I will be brave and strong and will not do that.
On another note,someone (aka Steven) placed a comment that he liked the name Ari. Whats odd is that my friend Yancey will be having a Greek baby Ari on Christmas day!!!! It is a pretty name..

So, if you dont like the name, give us another idea. We have a long wait ahead of us!

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Anonymous said...

i voted for margaret, I love the shortcut Maggie :)
if we ever have a girl, we'll name her emma grace, but you can borrow it if you like it! good luck to you, that's so wonderful!!! ps. i've never seen so many capes in my life as i have this halloween, including our own! haha