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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmastime is near

Well, if you head over to hubbys blog, you will find his take on today along with his Friday Flashback videos.

All in all a good day. Brother in law Peter took us to a Thrashers game last night and we had a blast..IT was a hockey game, in case you didnt know. We got home late and woek up around 10am. MIchael went shopping and I hit one last store for one more item.
We made it over to Shiloh Hills Baptist Church for a candlelight service and plan on attending during a regular service. I was invited by a parent of a patient of mine, but they were at the hospital so I was unable to visit with them. We are currently in intermission of movies. We just finished watching Christmas Vacation and while I finish laundry, MIchael will wrap gifts and we will conclude the movies with the Grinch.

Tomorrow, breakfast, gifts, and over to Douglasville for family time..

I wish Jeff and Val a happy first Christmas together.

I wish all the new forever families a first of many memories.
Dont forget the real reason of the Hoiday.
Dont forget those who dont have families to be with.
Dont forget the men and women overseas who are still protecting us and defending us.
Dont forget the children (and parents) whos Christmas is in the hospital.
Dont forget the homeless this season.

Cyndi, thanks for Friday Feast regarding me...

Merry Christmas and see ya soon!


Cyndi said...

Your welcome!
Hope you and michael had a wonderful christmas. :)

Amy said...

Hi Amy! I got your email and glad you still want to do the six weird things meme! Let me know when your done!

Merry Christmas!

Jeff said...

Hey, cool, we watched Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve, too!

Wish we could have attended services with y'all. Let me know if you go back next month; we'll try to join in.

Jen said...

sounds like a wonderful Chrsitmas Eve
Hope you had a lovely Chrsitmas Day
I did spare a thought for most of the people you mentioned
Merry Christmas