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Monday, December 04, 2006

random thoughts from the blog owner

So, random thoughts you say? Right now, its 2:08am I just decorated room 112 for our holiday theme and I am checking out blogs. Today I am feeling lazy. Truly lazy. I dont know why. Motivation is gone. Perhaps by writing these words, it will come back. BTW, room 112 is Greece since we are celebrating countries around the world and the holidays they have.

Whats on my mind? I dont even feel like I can be that honest because I dont know who will read this, while hoping some don't. Isnt that odd? I would never have started blogging if it had not been for Steven R! Someone told me to go to his website which led me to xanga which led me here. He has an interesting blog. He had a photo caption contest that was cool. Then there is Jeff, who presently has pics up of him and his lovely bride along with Michael and I at Lake Lanier last week. Then there is hubby MIchael, oh my hubby MIchael, who is a great writer and has interesting things to say. Today, he wrapped up our Sunday on his blog. I do recommend you checking them out for entertainment

Am I depressed? I dont think so. I really think that I have high expectations and I just realized it. I am disappointed in myself? Why>
1) The house is not as organized as I want it to be. I can do, but why dont't I?
2) I cry when I hear about people who are less fortunate, those in need. I want to help, but why don't I? Because I am lazy.
3)I wanted Christmas shopping and the house to be done by now and its not. Mind you, this is not MIchaels fault. Before I was married, I made time for everything what happenned? My fear is if we dont get traditions started, what will happen when we get back from China with this precious baby?
4) I cant find the time. I love night shift. I love night shift pay. I love my days off with hubby. Yet, I want to go to days. If you know me, the you know I am not a day shift nurse!
5)I love Atlanta and I do not want to move yet I want to be closer to family. Whats my problem? It is here that I am happy that Michaels dad and his wife live nearby.
6)I love Lucy but she is a pain. Is it because she is bad or is that I am too lazy to put things aways and that makes it easier for her to be bad?

As I write this, I get the morning admission list and I get to see the different children that are coming in tomorrow. I think of the parents and the children.

BTW, if you cry when you hear the Christmas shoes, there is a new song out. Mind you, I know how blessed I am and I try to appreciate all the things God has blessed me with. There is just a lot things on my mind right now. I am thankful that I made it to become a pediatric nurse, I really could not imagine doing anything else right now!

This holiday season is a special one. Every holiday season is special. I treasure every moment and memory I encounter. I love my friends and family. The fact that so many people have come into mylife in 2006 has been awesome! It has brought so many memories to me and its been great.

I know that very few people read this and its okay. I feel like I am just venting and when I am done, I usually feel much better. I look forward to day off with Michael on thursday and trivia on Wednesday...Good times will be had by all..

Keep checking over at Will be adding the latest prayer requests soon!!!!


tiggerprr said...

I don't think you're alone, if that helps. I know there's a lot of things on my big To-Do list that I thought would be done by now. We just moved into our first brand new house in August and the house is STILL not put together and we have so many boxes in the garage that we can't park in it. :(

I think the holidays, while wonderful, sometimes get us to thinking about everything we haven't done, instead of what we have. Just because there seems to be so much more we need to do than the rest of the year.

Jeff said...

Nah, Amy, you're not lazy. I think there are high and lows for the holidays. We get on a high as Thanksgiving rolls around, putting up Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music. Then you realize you still have a month to go, and there are presents to buy, and cards to mail, and you can hit an anti-climactic stretch before the real holidays kick in!

mandy said...

I love you, Amy! :) You're just normal...which is why I like you.

amy said...

whos mandy?