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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Panda Sneeze

Please watch and enjoy the panda!!!!


Holly said...

I couldn't get it to come up. But happy WW anyway! :o)

Holly's Corner

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Well, that is just too cute! Thanks for the smile this morning!


Cyndi said...

that is so cute.:)

Domestic Goddess said...

That is too funny. I just love Pandas!

Brony said...

Very cute.
Thanks for the smile.

Happy WW!

Janene said...

Very cute ~ I was so afraid it was going to be one of those videos where you are starring at the screen waiting for something to happen and all of a sudden someone screams and scares you to death! :)

I tried to think about getting organized this week and getting back into my Control Journal...I actually organized it and fixed it up a bit ~ then the weekend just kicked my butt! :) I did nothing this week. But ~ check out (I'm pretty sure that's the link) they have some awesome ideas and printables to help you get organized. I added a lot of them to my control journal. :)

Amy said...

I watch this video all the time! It tickles my funny bone like no other!! Way too funny!