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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dear Fellow Staff Member

Dear Fellow Staff Member or parent who snuck into the breakroom,

NO, I didnt want dinner tonight. I am glad you were able to enjoy my Healthy Choice General Tso dinner and all of my Coke Zeros. Im sure you were just helping me become less fluffier. I hope that the extra calories helped you regain your energy. I know that you can not afford those 3 for 6 dollar dinners and I am glad I was able to provide you with much needed nutrients. Consider that your Christmas present.

I am glad I was able to help you rest tonight as you were able to watch all of your favorite shows on TV. I did not mind giving all of your IV meds, or making sure your alone babies were breathing. My crying episode was not about you. The family of my sweet patient who passed away this weekend came by the hospital tonight to deliver extra flowers to the families who were in the hospital. Im not sure why you were rude or why you told them to leave.

Im not bitter. I am hoping you enjoyed my Healthy Choice Meal as I just noticed all of my food was gone as this is first time I am able to sit down and eat. Your lovely comments were just what we all needed to hear this holiday season.

Im just saying

Your coworker,


eph2810 said...

Both accounts are so sad. I am sorry that someone ate your dinner.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

tiggerprr said...

Ugh, what a night! That poor family! And your poor tummy! :(

Christie said...

i'm sorry! why do people have to do things like that? naughty list for them!

amy said...

May I now say that its not the fact that someone at my 3 dollar dinner but the fact that as I was leaving, environmental services took out the trash and it was on top..It was one of my to play detective..just kidding...i didnt need the 425 calories anyway..hahaha

Cyndi said...

ugh some people. Your patients are lucky to have such a caring person looking after them.:) sending you hugs

Stephanie said...

Man how frustrating!

Norma said...