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Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas! Heres your taco

Merry Christmas! Here is your taco! Whats that you say? Well the first floor staff voted to have dinner served at work over having a party somewhere else. I am not complaining, I love free food. It was just off.Only night shift there, not managers or asst managers saying merry christmas but there were tacos..Woohoo..Its not really funny, okay it was.

Apparently, the catering people brought a large serviing of refriend beans and as she was unloading them, it fell on the floor..SHe picked it up and told them that they better eat them because she slaved away at them. I hope she had a better evening.

I worked THurs-Sat and I will say it was the hardest weekend I have had in while. Sat as I was getting ready to leave for work, I checked email and learned a patient had passed away. I was sad but relieved for the family.

Sunday morning, i came home, slept 2 hours and headed to lunch with Jeff and Val at O'Charleys..I had something different. While in college in TN, Ocharleys was a favorite especially the chicken tenders..They are not just chicken tenders but you must order them as CHicken O'tenders..I am just saying. We had to leave the lovely couple and finish shopping which we did and were home by 5..Oh yeah, I was tired. We e finished watching the movie "The Christmas Story" and I quickly fell asleep.

Got up, wrapped gifts, headed to the post office and waited inline to get things shipped. then I went to the store to get soda (4 packs of soda for 10bucks) and a puppy treat, got some fuel for the car and headed home. MIchael and I are both going soda free after Christmas along with other things but we didnt want to miss the deal. I came home, started some laundry, did some work on the kitchen and watched Santa Baby, a movie I recorded a few weeks ago..It was cute. Now I am checking email and going for my nap early.

What did you do this weekend?

Please keep the families listed below in your prayers along with friend Steven who is having atest done today to rule out some things..

Thats all for now.
I am so happy for the families who got their China babies this week! Maisie and Chloe are now with their forever families!!!!



Cyndi said...

Thank you for coming by my blog.Thanks for being so sweet and encouraging. You are awesome.:) BTW i sent you an email a few days ago.

East of Oregon said...

enjoyed your blog and post for today - I had a wonderful weekend of relaxing and shopping a bit, wrapped presents yesterday. Today I've been a bit lazy and in a quandry as to the looks of my house and makeup/cosmetic woes. Come visit and drop some advice if you have time :)

Southern Girl said...

I'm a big fan of O'Charley's, too, though I don't eat there all that often, but when I do, their Southern Fried Chicken salad is to DIE for! :)

scribbit said...

Even though I'm into the pest/arugla/capers/ food snob most of the time, give me Taco Bell any day of the week, any meal of the day and I love it. Never get tired of my bean burritos.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

O'Charly's....ate there Saturday afternoon myself---

Our faculty party was last Thursday after school. They brought in Moe's. I didn't go. I had late bus duty and by the time it was over I just wanted to get home. My mom passed away four months ago and I'm not really into doing all of the "stuff" that goes along with the holidays.

I still got my taco though.....there was plenty left over for me to enjoy on Friday before our break started.

Jeff said...

Seriously, the chipotle chicken is to die for!