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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I've been tagged

Well, I have been tagged by another Amy so its my turn to write 6 odd things about me! Dont laugh, I know I am odd.

Here we go
1) I love salt on lemons. I dont care about tooth enamel at all..Salt and lemons rock
2) I started at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta over 5 years ago. Over 5 years ago, my obsessions with baby names began. Dear people, why did everyone choose my favorite names? my list has now dwindled to less than 20
3)I love finding old friends. I love it when old friends find me..I really enjoy looking back at old times
4)I am not OCD but there are certain things I have to do my way and I am not comfortable unless I am doing it. Too many things to list here. I am sure hubby can can come up with some and hopefully he will
5)I love Christmas. I mean really love Christmas. there is so much I have to do during Christmas, I end up frustrated if I cant do it all. See below memo
6)I am crazy. Not so crazy I need to be locked up, but random thoughts shoot out of my mouth all the time and I make others crazy

Ok, with that being said, I now will tag the following people. Make sure you go visit and make sure they list 6 funky things about them!!!

Panda Mom
Mommy Spics


Norma said...

Thanks for the tag, but I did this one in April. Check it out here.

Jeff said...

I will take the challenge!

scribbit said...

Salt and lemons? I like salt on my grapefruit, but not on lemons.

amy said...

Yeah, I have always been odd that way...not sure..why lemons with salt started way before adulthood

Cyndi said...

i love salt and lemons!and i listed 6 things about me and unlike jeff they were all diffrent than my 100 things about me.

Janene said...

I PROMISE I will get to this and let you know when I do...I'm pretty busy these days (starting to get nervous about not being ready for the new baby to get here ~ and I'm so not ready...)