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Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday morning, it was fall. It was cool, literally. it felt so good outside. Im looking forward to the leaves changing soon. I have been keeping an eye on what I consider the prettiest tree in the neighborhood. When it changes, it becomes the most beautiful burgandy color. The tips have started to change.

Our anniversary is just a few weeks away. Its always nice to have a reason to celebrate.

Today we are having prayer time over at the adoption blog. Stop by if you get the chance.

There is really not much for me to blog about. Lucy the basset hound is taking a nap and I am working tonight. As you can read below, I got one room prettied up yesterday. Hope the motivation continues. I made a great dinner this weekend, hope I can find another one.

Perhaps I should ask you guys a question.

What are some fun things you do with your spouse and family in the fall?
If you have never commented here before, I hope you take the chance to do so now. Let me know if you are a first time commenter, I would love to add you to my blogroll and bloglines.
Have a blessed day!!! Also, Im looking for a few people to do some guest appearances on this blog or our adoption blog. If you have a passion for something and are interested let me know.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I love the weather, things are just crisp and fresh and it seems easier to stay in a good mood.

Our family likes to go to fall festivals and visit small town!

Sue D from the Dazer group!

erin said...

Well, this is my first fall with a spouse (yay!), but last fall we went out to Natchez Trace Park, which is not too far from where we lived, and looked at all the leaves. I got one of my best friends to come along, and she took a bunch of pictures of us that we used as engagement photos. If you live near a state park, I definitely recommend spending an afternoon out there, maybe bringing a picnic or something.

Wendy said...

Hi Amy...I have something for you on my blog. :o)

Christie said...

Fall is my favorite time of year - as you know from my own post about it week ago. But when I still lived at home in CA. our annual trip to Apple Hill was the BEST possible time. We would pile up in the car, head up the hill and stop when we hit the pines. Out of the car we would tumble for caramel apples, apple crisp, corn on the cob, barbeque, and pumpkin picking. Not to mention the baskets of apples we would bring home! I miss this so much!!

Michelle said...

well for the past couple of years we have gone to the Mesilla Valley Maze which is a big family thing to do...go through the corn maze, pumpkin patch and they have a bunch of things for the kids to do.

Candis said...

Hi Amy ... Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the cool weather and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.

The girls and I usually go to a pumpkin patch and purchase a pumpkin, come home and carve it, and then place it outside beside our front door. They love it!

Of course, we are already discussing Halloween costumes, too, this time of year. And we start talking about my youngest' birthday party, as she is an October baby. Fun, fun, fun!


Bella's Mommy said...

Hi Amy!

I love fall and playing in the leaves. The raking isn't fun but Bella loves to jump in the piles! We also make fall trips to the apple orchard and we go to the pumpkin patch with friends and have a chili supper afterwards. Bella wants to be a mermaid for Halloween this year so I am trying to figure out how to make her costume. Fall is also football season so the big bears/packer rivalry starts back up at our house. Fall is also a great time for baking! Midwest Living magazine always has good recipes.

Soapbox Girl said...

I'm a first time commenter. We (me and the hubby) try to get away to the shore. I prefer the shore during the offseason. It's quieter and more peaceful.

Sonny said...

Hi Amy!
After long time being "out of blogging mood", I'm back. =)

When it's fall I'd like to cuddle with my sweetheart under a comfy warm blanket on the sofa. Lots of candles ligthed in all rooms!!!
aaawww... soooooo romantic.... ;)

Hugs to you,
Sweet like Kitty