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Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm not sure if I will be doing another post again as Michael and I are leaving for our first small group soon and then I am going to work. This has been great fun! I will be organizing a Christmas card exchange and will ask for info later in October so that everyone can have the list before Thanksgiving and then its time for Christmas central..I'm so excited about that so please come back and visit. Thanks so much for participating..You guys rock!

Ok, so here is the situation. You are out of debt. Your kids have everything they need, your family is healthy, college tuition has been paid for. You get 3 wishes. What would they be and you can not wish for world or bloggy peace or more wishes!

I may see you later..



Michelle said...

I wish to own a home after retiring from the military :) for a dream vacation (probably to Australia), and to own a nice big bus RV to go traveling around in!

jenn said...

1. To live where it's always warm, not hot, not cold.
2. More children. As long as I didn't have to be pregnant. (3 c-sections already, can't have anymore)
3. To finally loose weight, and be able to keep it off!

Sallie said...

1. My children find Christian spouses the first time around.

2. My grandchildren do not have any health issues (because frankly I'm thinking our family/extended family have had enough).

3) I want a home that God gives me that I can use for his glory. Right now we are in base housing and have a Marine night every Friday night to get the guys out of the barracks. We could do so much more with a house we owned with property.

Have fun at Bible Study..

Carol said...

Ok I always wanted to buy a campground and open it up for sn children, or for kids that couldn't afford to go to camp...always!

I want to travel, more, more, more.

I want to babysit my grandkids, and I hope I have lots, and lots!

Krajcimama said...


1) A bigger house with BIG closets
2) To own my own daycare (This would be a dream job for me!)
3) To take a big relaxing long vacation with my family...something really fun that I would never be able to afford otherwise - Like 2 weeks in Orlando. :)

Hope you have fun tonight. :) You're right, this was fun!

Suprina said...

1. To get my HUGE extended family together at a resort for a month of fun. (We don't get to see each other that much)

2. Adopt a daughter. So Aimee could have a little sister.

3. To be back at my pre-pregnancy weight before I even started having kids....

Book and Hook said...

1. Loving forever homes for all the various pets in the world.
2. To lose enough weight I am healthier and can feel good about myself.
3. Instant travel between all our(give this to everyone else also) family and friends. That might need some fine tuning, like calling first ;).

Patti said...

1 A vacation home on the water ... where it is always warm and sometimes hot!
2 A bigger boat. I currently have a 28' ... I think I would like a 36' at least. :)
3 A nice brand new car ... not sure what kind. Hmmmm. :)

FRIGGA said...

1. For Magic to be real.

2. The spell that, when read, will magically transport me anywhere I want.

3. A spell that will allow me to freeze time and unfreeze who I choose so that life doesn't go by me so quickly.