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Sunday, September 16, 2007


If you have ever watched Sunday nights, Extreme Makeover and not cried, you must be related to the Tin Man. I dont watch this every week, but when I do, it always gets me. Im not sure it if its because of the families that deserve it or the people who volunteer to help make these homes but its awesome.

Michael and I got to church right on time (we did agree we need to get there earlier) and then went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. Good times. Then we came home and chilled for a bit. I got a little motivated and cleaned up the built in bookshelves we had put in a year or 2 ago. Michael says you can notice a different. After he left for work, I went to the grocery store and then started on the living room. Didn't need much, just a sweep and mop and some putting things away. I can say the room looks clean..WooHoo. Plus I have a fall candle (from Michael's) in the middle of the coffee table . It looks pretty. That's a big deal to me. I think its the first time I have said the room was pretty.

Whats up for this week?
Work for both of us, I have an extra 8 hours shift on Thursday.
Please pray for Gianna, a friends baby who is having spinal cord surgery in the morning. Gianna came home from China just a few months ago.

I'm thinking about having a guest blogger visit soon. Stay tuned..

Oh yeah, if you read the post below, please explain what you think the coffin is.


Michelle said...

saying prayers for Gianna! I have no idea about the coffin; that is a strange one!

Jose said...

There are very strange people in this world, seems like everything is for sale or has a price.

We will pray for Gianna, we hope all goes well.

Sparky Duck said...

only reason we dont watch Extreme Makover right now is because its in repeats, so we hear ya