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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Religion and politics

I was thinking about things..Blogging for one. If you know me at all, you know that I avoid confrontation at all costs. I love to blog because you can avoid all that stuff if you want.

I now undestand why I have heard that you shouldn't discuss religion or politics over dinner.

There are 2 reasons why

1)Many people are quite passionate about their opinions on religion and politics. Obviously, people think their opinions are correct or they wouldn't have those views. SOmetimes people are intimidated by people who voice those opinions or try to force them on others. I think many Christians have been stereotyped with this one.

2)Then there are those who get offended or get defensive when one of these passionate people declare their views or assume they want you to change your views. Its not meant to be mean, but it really can cause some issues.

Its hard not to judge someone based on their opinions or choices. Its really hard. I am working on it

It is because of these 2 I dont share a lot of my views. Im afraid of starting a conversation I can not handle. I love to read/listen to conversations where people may completely disagree with each other but can still be friends and respect each other


Krajcimama said...

My father-in-law is one of those people who doesn't keep his opinions on Religion or Politics to himself and it has caused many a problem with his family. He's a very conservative republican and a very devout Catholic. He's gone as far as to say to his grandchildren that they were going to hell if they didn't go to church...he doesn't have a grandchild who is old enough to drive, yet. As you can imagine this caused a lot of problems with his children. Jerry and I go to church pretty regularly (if there is no sickness going around our house) so he leaves us out of it...but he's gotten under my sister-in-law's skin quite a few times because church isn't a priority of theirs.

It's really tough to talk about religion and/or politics and not be passionate ~ you hit that one on dead on. I'm pretty nonconfrontational, unless I know you really well, I avoid the topics too. There is really only one issue (pro-life) that I am extremely passionate about...but I won't even talk about that on my blog too much for fear of offending someone and getting into a heated discussion.

Okay, I'm done with my novel now. :) I'm off to see what Michael has to say google reader says he posted 4 times since I last checked! You guys sure kept me busy this week!

jenn said...

I agree with you. If asked, I will never go into details. Most times it's not worth it.

Carol said...

Yeah I steer clear of that one, and I have become very careful of my posting.

Suprina said...

I steer clear of all political discussions. They always get heated.
And I am one that I know what I believe and want to say, but it just comes out all wrong. And I am usually one that get there feelings hurt.

So I stay completely away from politcs.
I will say this, during our elections we did have signs in our front yard as well as other neighbors that support there nomaninees...but that is as far as it went with us.

We respect other people and there points of view. Even if we do not agree with them.

katskrackerbox said...

I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say in a conversation about religion but when I say the words they don't come out the way I wanted them to. I've been told I express myself better when I write it instead of saying it.

Jose said...

The problem is not in spreading the word, that is something God expect us to do if we believe in him. To me it's the way it's done. Priests and pastors spend a great portion of their lives preparing themselves to lead a congregation, but I've seen people have confrontations when clearly they don't really know what they are talking about. I for one will not engage in a religious discussion unless it's with a person that shares my religion. As for politics, I'm a democrat and I back up my democrat candidates, what else is ther to say.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I too hate confrontation but there are a few issues that I will voice my opinion about without hesitation.

Sallie said...

and don't have THE conversation with family (I guess unless you are afraid they are going to burn in hell...) because it just causes a load of pain. We were recently told "we are all on the same mountain and striving to reach the same top -- God-- and you can't help it if you just aren't as high up yet." That kinda burned a bit but proverbs came to mind and we are now just trying to keep our mouths closed because "even a foolish man seems wise if he holds his tongue"

God bless,

Michelle said...

I'm like that too - I don't like to post about controversial topics because I know it can get heated in the exchanges and I don't like confrontations either!

Patti said...

I agree with you. I try to avoid those topics if possible unless with someone I'm close to! :)

FRIGGA said...

In my opinion judgement is good. What people choose to believe says a lot about them. Where they find that line between right and wrong is an excellent way to judge someones character. Are they moral and honest? Then I judge them positively and will want to be around them. Are they immoral and dishonest? The I judge them harshly and hold them at a distance.

Sometimes certain political and religous topics can show you where a person stands. I, me, personally will judge anyone who is pro-abortion. I, me, myself, I think it is very wrong to take the life of an innocent child because it would be more convinient for the mother. I don't want to be associated with anyone who's okay with baby killing. Plain and simple. Cut and dry.

I judge and I feel good about my choices.

End of opinion. :-)

Karen said...

Yes I don't like to get caught up in the politics and confrontation of it all either! I hear you.