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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Yall

Well friends the contest is over and winners will be announced on Monday morning. You still have until noon Saturday to catch up on posts to be eligible for prizes an dont forget to comment at Michaels blog to get the points. I thank all of you for participating. Even the people who don't particularly like Michael or I, and yes there are a few. Thank for commenting and I hope you will join in. Thanks for getting to know us and hope you will come by for Christmas central here at Random Thoughts. I hope to have a slide show ready this weekend of our anniversary trip to Williamsburg sometime on Saturday.
I'm ready for the smell of fires in the fireplace (hoping for rain in Ga first), visiting the pumpkin patch, spending time outside, going for walks,the apple festival, and just enjoying life.
Michael and I met our small group last night minus one couple. We are doing a group study on a book called Men are like waffles-women are like spaghetti although I didn't do my work for the week. I think we would have gotten more out of it if we had. We talked about how to communicate and to appreciate each more. I enjoyed the study and being around new people. So between that study and my women's group on Wednesdays, it should keep me busy.
Here is another thought. If you dont like someones views on things or totally disagree to the point that you are being ugly to the person, dont bother reading it. That would solve a lot of problems, I am just saying.


jenn said...

I'm so glad I found this "contest" on Frigga's page, and will continue to visit, because Christmas is MY favorite time, too! Oh yeah, I also kinda like reading about your adventures.

Anonymous said...
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Krajcimama said...

I'm really really excited about getting Nate and Danika to a pumpkin patch to get some pics this fall. I love pumpkin patches! I can't wait for snow, either. I was outside this morning and it was REALLY chilly! Snow always reminds me of when we bought the house...because the day after Jerry closed I didn't have school because we had so much snow. So, I came down to an empty house and cleaned everything ~ and walked around thinking about what the house would be like full of our things. :) It was so exciting! Such a happy time!

In my humble opinion, I agree with you. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion...and on their personal blog, I see no reason why they can't express their thoughts/feelings. If you don't like it then just don't read it or comment about it. That's been my thoughts on a lot of things...I always felt that way about music/movies/literature, etc. If it isn't your opinion or your taste just ignore it.

In the same respect, if you voice your opinion and it's something even slightly controversial (think I spelled that wrong ~ but it's been a long week) you almost have to expect some kind of fall out. There are a lot of people who ger "fired up" about things. And just like I'm allowed my opinion, everyone else is allowed theres'. I guess my thought in the end would be try not to be too offended...after all, I have plenty of people I am "friends" with even though we have agreed to disagree about something. As long as it's not a personal attack on someone's family/life, I don't see the harm in expressing your views. They have to remember you aren't attacking them personally, either. I think there is a way of stating opinions without being is important to tolerate others ~ even though it isn't always easy.

Suprina said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you so much for the contest. I throughly enjoyed myself and actually found a few 'new to me' bloggers to add to my daily reads.

You Rock Girl!

Also, You do have a sincere, sweet disposition and I don't think you would evern intenionally hurt anyones feelings. It is your blog, and we are living in America where there is freedom of speech.

You can always try to ignore the 'hater' or 'poster' that gives you problems.

Do not let people stop you from choosing what you want to say on your blog. You just might find out a lot of other's agree with you.

I choose not to really speak about politics on my blog for just isn't my thing and I rather talk about whimsical, family things..Things that are lite. A place where I can be myself. And I am not politically motivated.

I have voted every chance I can get though.

Great Contest, thought provoking questions.....LOTS of FUN!!!!


Sallie said...

Amy, great contest!! Glad to have gotten to know you better.. Can't wait until you get your daughter from China!

God bless,

amy said...
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amy said...
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Mandy said...
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Christie said...

Happy Fall! Love love love it! (as you know - hehe)

Patti said...

This has been a FUN contest! Thanks for doing it! :)

amy said...
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amy said...
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Karen said...


Sorry I missed the contest:( It's been a crazy week what with a broken toe, Aaron's first horseback riding trip for special needs kids, my battery dying in my car and locking me out due to anti-theft system, specialist appointments, and Nick's birthday and party next weekend. Plus I am getting at least 1-2 books or products in the mail daily to review...not that I'm complaining, I love that, it just makes for one busy mommy:-) Hope all is well, talk to you soon!


FRIGGA said...

Oh, so does this comment count, or not count - it is still Saturday :P

Sallie said...

with all the comments deleted, does that mean "mandy" is visiting you too?!

Have a great weekend..