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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guest blogger and Contest

Scroll down to see how the study went!

Tomorrow we have a guest blogger so I hope you will stop by and make him/her feel welcome! WooHoo!!!


I hope to have pictures tomorrow of the prizes because they are really cool this time!


1) Something for the guys- a large football shaped appetizer tray. Definitely fun for the whole game thing
2)a wonderful book on friendship
3) a cupcake candle
4)a great water bottle from Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
5) a collection of Burts Bees products- you pick between adult and baby product
6)2 shining star animals. These are awesome. These are 2 different prizes but if you win and have 2 kids the same age, you get both and I will get another one. Click here to see these awesome things. One is a bear and one is a rabbit.
7)A Christmas chain package with everything you need to decorate your tree
8)Book of Michael's choice

Now for the rules,

1)You must advertise the contest on your blog
2)Contest will run from Friday September 21st to Friday September 28th. Winners to be announced Monday October 1,2007
3)All you have to do is leave comments on the posts that you find on this blog or over at Valtool's Box starting on Friday. We will have a point system, the person with the most points gets first pick and next person is second is so on.
As long as you post 2 times on each blog, you will be entered into a random drawing for a special surprise. Each comment is worth one point and keep an eye out for extra points during the week!

Go ahead. Post this on your blog somewhere.
Let me know if you will be playing and if someone sent you over here. This is also a great way to get to know more people in the blogging world. Am I trying to get more hits on our blogs? honestly, yes! Hahaha! I think most of my contests have been successful..Remember, this starts this
(and yes you can catch up with previous posts but let me know if you are going to play!)

Once again, stay tuned for the special guest blog appearance to show up tomorrow!!!

Peace out!


Krajcimama said...

Okay, Amy...I wanna play. :) You have some really great prizes there! I've never done one of your contests before...when do I advertise on my blog? Tomorrow Okay?

I'm excited. :)


katskrackerbox said...

Amy, sounds like a lot of fun! I will play. What do I advertise, your blog, the contest, or both?

amy said...

Just post the contest, thats all!!!

katskrackerbox said...

Okay, will do! Thanks!

Sallie said...

This sounds like a lot of fun and I love leaving comments so hopefully I'll get lots of points ;-)

God bless,

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