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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy New Week to you

Okay, here is the contest again if you are interested..Still time to catch up. Click here! Reminder, to get the points you must also visit Valtool's Box and comment!

I decided to reflect on my childhood tonight and how much I loved school when I was little. I loved to read. I loved the smell of the new books. I loved getting a new lunchbox and school supplies. After watching, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"? I am surprised that I have forgotten so much. I was thinking the other day that I can not remember the types of clouds (BTW, I just looked them up) or much about earth science or the basic stuff that I learned when I was younger. As much as I would love to home school, I would be detrimental to my child!!! (heehee)

Do you remember elementary school? Do you remember what you loved to learn, what was really fun (lunch and recess are not included)?

Just wondering. Feel free to discuss. I am going home to sleep! Yeah for Michael's college! They won!

See ya when I wake up friends!
Oh yeah, did you know that according to Amys calender, there are only 2 months until Christmas? You see I only count full months so there are only October and November left..HeeHee! Can ya tell I am ready for the holiday?


jenn said...

In my school, starting in 4th grade, you could learn to play an instrument. I picked the viola, and sat first chair (that means I was the best!) until high school. I also did a couple of plays, one in 4th and one in 6th. I also developed my love of reading during that time. I know, I'm a geek!

Gina said...

wohooo,another being ready for Christmas here!

I loved grade school! I loved the smell and the clean look of my new notebooks, and the smell of the erasers (esp. the fancy fruity ones)at the start of every school year.

I'm sure every 5th grader will beat me now when it would involve topics like those as well ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog .

I will add you to my blogroll,btw.
Have a nice week ahead.

Suprina said...

My favorite year of elementary school was 5th grade.

I joined Choir that year. And I loved it. Music is my passion. I can so clearly remember the fresh, crisp white sheet music being passed around.

I also remember my 5th grade Teacher Mrs. La Fever. She was the BEST!

And who isn't excited for Christmas??? Sometimes, that is all I feel like I "talk" about.

katskrackerbox said...

Yes, I loved elementary school. I moved a couple of times from New York to Arkansas, then from Arkansas to California, and then back to Arkansas from California. I loved math and now I can't stand it! lol I loved school in California because I played on a volleyball team and a basketball team...those were the good ole days. When I came back to Arkansas from California, I was so far advanced that I got bored with school and got really behind (shame on me!) In 6th grade, I was reading on a 12th grade level. Congrats to your husbands team!!

hockeymom27 said...

I remember certain things about elementary school.. I went to a private catholic school and had the same teacher, Sister Kathleen, for 1st, 5th, and 8th grade. I would say she was my inspiration for becoming a teacher and we do still keep in touch.

It really is amazing to see the growth in children... I love my students... I love it when they go to middle school and come back to see me, or when we are in the store and they come up to talk with me--- it is good to know that what you work so hard at does help, and encourage, and blossom!

Congrats on the win for your husband's team- I believe it is my alma matter too!

I have enjoyed reading your blog, and find the links you post very meaningful... take care and have a great week!

Carrie said...

The thing I remember most vividly about elementary school was the smell. That and the pencil machine - 2 for a quarter. Loved that thing! lol

Hey, btw, thanks for visitng my TT. I was browsing through old posts and just now saw your comment on an older post.

Krajcimama said...

I loved school so much I became a teacher. I miss it a lot...and every year around this time I start to get edgy because I know there is something else I should be doing. You figure all my life I have been getting ready to go to school or teach school. September was always a big month for me.

KarenW said...

I remember doing units on Japan and Hawaii. Those were fun.

Christmas will be here before we know it, no matter how we count the days!

Jodi said...

I loved elementary school years! Carefree and fun. I like learning how to read the best! My all time favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Franks. She was the coolest ever!!

I am now getting ready for Christmas, so the excitement is starting.

Tiff said...

I loved school. Didn't do well but i loved it just the same! My favorite subjects. . .Oceanography and music. I got to sing in the White House once!

FRIGGA said...

I loved school when I was a kid - actually, I still do! :-)

Sallie said...

I do homeschool my kids but am very thankful for teachers books :-)

God bless,

Michelle said...

I'm amazed at the stuff I've forgotten when I watch Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader!

Patti said...

I still love the smell of new books! :)

Melanie said...

I loved elementary school. I am hoping my kids experience there will be as great as mine was.

That show made me laugh the first time I saw it. My son watches as a fourth grader and does fairly well on it and sometimes better than me and his father!

i am the diva said...

it's interesting, i was just thinking about his memory this morning...

I grew up in a Mormon house where my parents did not drink coffee. One of my favourite memories was when my teachers walked into the room first thing with their coffee. I loved the smell of coffee even then. Now, i drink it by the bucket load