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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I put the wreath up today just to get in the fall mood!

I got this at Michael's a few weeks ago 40% off, I love it but know if I were creative I could have made it even cheaper

Okay peeps,
The contest is officially over tomorrow. SInce I am working tomorrow night, the last post will be tomorrow evening sometime and you have until Saturday at noon to comment. I want to make sure everyone has time to participate. Remember, you must also post over at Valtools Box in order to be considered for the rockin prizes. Hasn't this been fun? Winners will be announced Monday morning. Rules and stuff can still be here if you want to join in and catch up!

So, its officially fall. The apple festival is coming up and I am going to be putting my fall wreath on the door. We may have family in for Thanksgiving which would wonderful. Now here is my dilemma. I want my dad to enjoy it, hes allergic to cats. We have multiple cats. Do any of you use one of those air filters or do you know anyone who does? I know they can be expensive but if we can get the cat hair out of the air for daddy-o, that would be worth it. The good news is the cats don't spend a lot of time downstairs and we have wood floors. Your advice would be wonderful.

I did in fact survive yesterday and enjoyed the moment I put my head on the pillow. I was too tired to talk during our study on Exodus, but enjoyed and learned a lot. Did I tell you Michael and I both got Friday evening off to start our new small group? I work at 11 but still..We are quite excited.

So after the Bible Study, I went to the place where I was meeting my friend and wandered around. I was able to visit Barnes and Noble, Gymboree, Hallmark, Bombay for Kids (no need to go there again although I love the regular store), Pier 1 and Linens and Things and then a small collectible shop. Window shopping was fun.
Lucy is in doggie daycare today again so I can get some cleaning done but now I am tired again and plan on finding some caffeine soon.

Where do you like to window shop or dream?

I'll be back after I have been productive. Perhaps I will window shop later as a reward


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Apple Festival? Tell us more about it.

katskrackerbox said...

I really don't have any place to window shop but spend a lot of time at Wal-Mart and Target. When I was a child, my grandmother use to take me window shopping at the 5 and Dime store in New York. That was always so much fun!!

amy said...

I included a link in my post..Its fun, carnival food, arts and crafts, nice weather, just time to walk and talk together..we have had a good time

jenn said...

I love book stores. I will hunt for books at yard sales and flea markets. I would fill my entire house with books if I could.
I window shop for jewelry. Nothing fancy, but would love one day to own a "Mother's Ring".

Krajcimama said...

Window shopping anywhere is fun...but before the kids I use to love window shopping at Babies R Us. I recommend registering there when you get more info on LynnMarie and know when she'll arrive. They have the cutest things.

Like Jenn, I also love book stores. I like self help and child rearing books...and cookbooks. :)

el-e-e said...

Amy, long time since I've visited... hope you're well! I tagged you for a little meme-y fun today. Hee hee.

I've had the apple fest on my October calendar for a while... I hope we'll get to go!

Suprina said...

Your fall decor is beautiful.
I have mine up also, I have a sad excuse for a fall wreath. It's up, I just want to get a new one. And I have my eye on a couple on Ebay.

I love to window shop/shop at Target, Bed,Bath and Beyond, Kohls, I used to like shopping at Gymboree, the only one I really have little enough for it is David.
I also Love, LOVE, Kohls.

I also love shopping at Pier One, but once I go in there, it is hard to get me out.

Oh, and Hobby Lobby as well, I love there seasonal stuff and home decor.

Great post Amy!

jenn said...

I didn't see the pictures when I posted before, and that candle is beautiful! Very Fall-y.

Patti said...

Love the wreath and candle ring! Beautiful!!! :)

Want to hear something funny? I like to window shop at the pet store ... and look at all the cute little puppies and kitties! :) hehe

Sallie said...

We have an antique store downtown that I window shop at and dream about my old house with my antiques in it..

Love the fall pictures..
God bless,

Krajcimama said...

The pics didn't come through on my google reader, either. :( Glad I stopped again to see ~ I can't wait for the leave to really start changing around here.

Carol said...

Love the fall stuff. I'll have to get busy and do something with this house this weekend. I did get my fall flag up!

Kats said...

Those are some pretty fall colors you've got going on there!

Christie said...

That centerpiece is beautiful!!!


Michelle said...

I love your fall decorations! Have fun at the apple festival!

Going over to leave a comment on Michael's blog now :)

FRIGGA said...

Oh wait, it is Fall.... at least that's what people keep saying ;-)

Oh, and an Apple Festival sounds absolutely delicous!!! :-0...

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Amy. That's a lovely wreath and center table decor.

I like the idea of apple festival. It must be a much anticipated event.