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Saturday, September 15, 2007

last nights dinner

Thanks for the dinner ideas..What did I make? Well I tried something different.Was it successful? Did Michael like it? Well, see for yourself. See Michaels blog for his opinion
So this morning, since I had the day off I decided to go visit some garage sales. My sister and I do this frequently when I am in Florida and I love to look for treasures.
I added to my collection of books for LynnMarie. You can see the books I got here. I got a 1000 piece Norman Rockwell puzzle unopened for a dollar, a lovely fall tablecloth and 8 napkins for 5 dollars, some beautiful Colonial Williamsburg pictures and a few other odds and ends.
I have to tell you that as I checked out Craigs List last night to get my garage sale schedule, and I noticed an interesting sale, thought it was too far away. What made it special? The were selling a used coffin..Please explain this to me.


Christie said...

OMG! I love that he posted such a great post about your dinner! Isn't that just the best way to be appreciated some times?

LOVE IT! (and the dinner sounds yum!)

Karen said...

Glad your dinner went well! I forgot to mention my Hashbrown Casserole, the recipe is on my site, y'all might like that one too!

I also tagged you for a meme here:

Anonymous said...

My guess on the coffin would be that they had a funeral, then had the body creamated(sp?)?