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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

womens ministry

So last night I had to surprisingly float to another floor. It wasn't my turn but it was the most convenient decision. So after 8 hours of being in an uncomfortable place and surviving, I headed home early to get ready for my new group.

I decided to attend the kick of of the Womens Ministry over at the church we have been attending North Metro. So at 9am I entered the building as that's when the doors open (and you have to realize I hate to be late to anything, I mean I really hate to be late for anything. I went in and I was quickly greeted by some serious Southern ladies.. I immediately felt welcomed and was led to the registration table and then to the table that handed out assignments. I got my book and headed to the sanctuary. A new friend found me and we got some refreshments and talked a little. There were over 300 ladies here. What this study will be is a 40 minute video and then a 40 minute discussion. We are using the Amazing Collection as our guide. This series will take you into the entire Bible in 3 years. There are so many people that are in years 2 and 3.

The lead teaching pastor of the church opened with a word of prayer and then we were welcomed by the committee. This ministry focuses on how women can effect their families by the power of prayer. They had a video of a college girl talking about her mom. She said she was a mean,disrespectful teenager. She was crying as she spoke. She said if she can have one memory of her childhood, it will be walking down the stairs and hearing her mom pray for her daily, no matter how ugly she was to her. It was amazing. If you live in Atlanta, I hope you will check this group out. Its not necessarily a NorthMetro group, as it is a community group. There are ladies from all over there is so much going on with this group. All women mission trips, road trips, book clubs, fun! Did I tell how glad I am that we found this church?

Then we broke down into our new small groups to get to know one another. I have about 10 -15 ladies in my group. I think everyone is in their 30s and 40s and everyone is very nice. There is a family physician, a few moms who home school, a new believer whose husband is not a believer, and just some more really nice southern ladies. Haha! It really should be a good experience and I am so glad I went.

I found the video below yesterday and posted it. The words are powerful. Hope you are able to watch it!

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erin said...

That sounds like a really neat Bible study group! I'm glad to read someone who's pumped about church. And yay for Southern ladies!