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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Everyone who participated in the contest:

Please send me your email ASAP to ! Please include your screen name and your blog name if possible. I am finishing up and we have lots of prizes to hand out!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

1 year ago Michael and I were shopping at Sams, cleaning the house and getting ready for our anniversary trip. We spent 7 days at the same place we honeymooned at in Colonial Williamsburg. We had a wonderful, romantic time and hope to do this again. I finally put a slide show together. Feel free to take a look. there are a lot of pics, so I know you wont see them all but I thought I would share them with you.

Our 2006 5th Anniversary trip to Colonial Williamsburg

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Yall

Well friends the contest is over and winners will be announced on Monday morning. You still have until noon Saturday to catch up on posts to be eligible for prizes an dont forget to comment at Michaels blog to get the points. I thank all of you for participating. Even the people who don't particularly like Michael or I, and yes there are a few. Thank for commenting and I hope you will join in. Thanks for getting to know us and hope you will come by for Christmas central here at Random Thoughts. I hope to have a slide show ready this weekend of our anniversary trip to Williamsburg sometime on Saturday.
I'm ready for the smell of fires in the fireplace (hoping for rain in Ga first), visiting the pumpkin patch, spending time outside, going for walks,the apple festival, and just enjoying life.
Michael and I met our small group last night minus one couple. We are doing a group study on a book called Men are like waffles-women are like spaghetti although I didn't do my work for the week. I think we would have gotten more out of it if we had. We talked about how to communicate and to appreciate each more. I enjoyed the study and being around new people. So between that study and my women's group on Wednesdays, it should keep me busy.
Here is another thought. If you dont like someones views on things or totally disagree to the point that you are being ugly to the person, dont bother reading it. That would solve a lot of problems, I am just saying.
I'm not sure if I will be doing another post again as Michael and I are leaving for our first small group soon and then I am going to work. This has been great fun! I will be organizing a Christmas card exchange and will ask for info later in October so that everyone can have the list before Thanksgiving and then its time for Christmas central..I'm so excited about that so please come back and visit. Thanks so much for participating..You guys rock!

Ok, so here is the situation. You are out of debt. Your kids have everything they need, your family is healthy, college tuition has been paid for. You get 3 wishes. What would they be and you can not wish for world or bloggy peace or more wishes!

I may see you later..


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Religion and politics

I was thinking about things..Blogging for one. If you know me at all, you know that I avoid confrontation at all costs. I love to blog because you can avoid all that stuff if you want.

I now undestand why I have heard that you shouldn't discuss religion or politics over dinner.

There are 2 reasons why

1)Many people are quite passionate about their opinions on religion and politics. Obviously, people think their opinions are correct or they wouldn't have those views. SOmetimes people are intimidated by people who voice those opinions or try to force them on others. I think many Christians have been stereotyped with this one.

2)Then there are those who get offended or get defensive when one of these passionate people declare their views or assume they want you to change your views. Its not meant to be mean, but it really can cause some issues.

Its hard not to judge someone based on their opinions or choices. Its really hard. I am working on it

It is because of these 2 I dont share a lot of my views. Im afraid of starting a conversation I can not handle. I love to read/listen to conversations where people may completely disagree with each other but can still be friends and respect each other
I put the wreath up today just to get in the fall mood!

I got this at Michael's a few weeks ago 40% off, I love it but know if I were creative I could have made it even cheaper

Okay peeps,
The contest is officially over tomorrow. SInce I am working tomorrow night, the last post will be tomorrow evening sometime and you have until Saturday at noon to comment. I want to make sure everyone has time to participate. Remember, you must also post over at Valtools Box in order to be considered for the rockin prizes. Hasn't this been fun? Winners will be announced Monday morning. Rules and stuff can still be here if you want to join in and catch up!

So, its officially fall. The apple festival is coming up and I am going to be putting my fall wreath on the door. We may have family in for Thanksgiving which would wonderful. Now here is my dilemma. I want my dad to enjoy it, hes allergic to cats. We have multiple cats. Do any of you use one of those air filters or do you know anyone who does? I know they can be expensive but if we can get the cat hair out of the air for daddy-o, that would be worth it. The good news is the cats don't spend a lot of time downstairs and we have wood floors. Your advice would be wonderful.

I did in fact survive yesterday and enjoyed the moment I put my head on the pillow. I was too tired to talk during our study on Exodus, but enjoyed and learned a lot. Did I tell you Michael and I both got Friday evening off to start our new small group? I work at 11 but still..We are quite excited.

So after the Bible Study, I went to the place where I was meeting my friend and wandered around. I was able to visit Barnes and Noble, Gymboree, Hallmark, Bombay for Kids (no need to go there again although I love the regular store), Pier 1 and Linens and Things and then a small collectible shop. Window shopping was fun.
Lucy is in doggie daycare today again so I can get some cleaning done but now I am tired again and plan on finding some caffeine soon.

Where do you like to window shop or dream?

I'll be back after I have been productive. Perhaps I will window shop later as a reward

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Need sleep. Moses.Egypt. 10 commandments. red sea. frogs everywhere. Israel.

Done with Bible Study and lunch with a friend. Going to nap until Michael gets home and then will post more.
No need for comments for contest here, this is just an update so I turned them off so you would not be tempted..hahaha!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Its nearly midnight here at work and its been pretty busy. I have enjoyed your comments and have a family who has 7 children, 4 adopted from Vietnam. Its been nice talking to them.
What to blog about? Whats on my mind?

I decided I would tell you a little bit about Amy, the blogger whom you are presently reading.
I am Amy, wife to Michael, owner ot 2 cats and Lucy the basset hound. I am a child of God. each day that I breathe, the more awesome He is. Its the stories I hear, the views outside. There is no way I can deny the creation. How Great is my God!!!! I am rereading the Bible and I am learning so much and I am just in Exodus. I am not trying to preach, just stating how I feel. I have been blessed far more than I deserve. I am not perfect. I try to impress people. I always feel like everyone is better than me. I also try to be humble. (Really)
I am a daughter and a sister of a younger sister and brother. I am a pediatric nurse in one of the best pediatric hospitals in the country. I work on a neuro/craniofacial floor. I take care of patients between the ages of 0-18 years that have/ need all kids of plastic surgeries (most because of a birth defect), things with the brain like seizures, tumors, meningitis, spinal cord things. shunts and all kinds of stuff. I love my job.

My hubby and I are adopting a baby girl from China. Her name is LynnMarie and she probably hasn't been conceived yet but greatly loved. Oh wait, you mean you knew that already? Haha!
I am obsessed with Christmas. This is not a joke. Wait and see. I love memories, I love telling stories of things I have experienced.

Lets see, I have moved about 19 times in my life. I have lived in Ga, FL,TN,Ms,Va,and SC. My childhood was wonderful. My dad was very frugal and I wish I was like him now. He was also very neat and organized and I did not inherit that trait. Dad was and is awesome. Mom spent a lot of time with us and was very involved in the church. Both of them did everything they could to make sure we were happy. More about my family and memories in another post. I went to high school in Plantation, Florida and then college at Union University in Jackson, Tn where I got my Psychology degree. It is in Jackson, that I learned about the Internet. I would spend hours in the library chatting online. It is also in Jackson that I refused to go to the cafeteria in college.Why? Because even though I lost 7 5 pounds in college, I was still afraid to eat in front of people. Yet I ate at restaurants all the time. I told you I was odd. Union is a place I will always treasure. I made lifelong friends and learned so much about myself. Even people I was just aquainted with have now become good friends. Who would have thought a small college would make a good topic of conversation but it does. Its amazing. I moved back home to Edgewater, Fl and got my nursing degree at DBCC. My first nursing job was with older people at Florida Hospital. Oh and while I was in nursing school, I learned about eBay and wasted a ton of money on "Christmas Collectibles". I was an addict.
During my first year as a nurse, I met my Michael online and met a few weeks later and then we were engaged a few weeks after that and then married a year later. On 9/11, we learned we were moving to Atlanta. What a day that was!
During our almost 6 years of marriage, we have moved into an apartment, bought a house, bought a dog, gained 3 nephews and one niece, attended Michael's grandfathers funeral, and have really learned a lot.
What do I like to? I love to anticipate Christmas. I love the fall, as that is the season we were married. I love to organize events and trips, although I am really not good at it. Some of my favorite trips have been on Disney cruises and I would love to go on another one. I dream of being domesticated. I made my first "good" "homestyled" meal last week. Perhaps there is hope for me.
I am a dreamer, a romantic. I watch movies and expect real life to be like it. I watched every episode of 90210. I am silly. I think about the future and what LynnMarie will be like. I cant wait to experience Christmas and Disney cruises through her eyes. Let me know if you have any questions

Well, I hope this lets you know the crazy blogger who you have been reading!
Have a good day!
Random thought, did I tell you I managed to get off both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year? I am so excited about that.. I am also hoping the family can come up.

Extra Credit...remember our guest blogger Steven? He is looking for captions for a picture on his blog so go give him some ideas. SO click here to help him out. If you are not creative like myself, just leave a comment somewhere. If you ever get bored, he has a great blogroll.
We are half way into the contest. Hope you are enjoying it. Still time to join and catch up! To read more about it and see the prizes, click here

Hello Friends! Hope you enjoy the slide show below, I'm sorry I had to delete it as it was not working but did save the comments! Lucy the basset hound, Delilah, Sammy and BIL's cats including Pixel) are definitely family.
I love Michael's post today, apparently Michael is planning something for our anniversary which is less than 2 weeks ago. Wonder what it is?

Well, I'm about to sleep and go back to work tonight and then I have Bible Study at 930 and then lunch with a friend at 1pm. We will see if I survive and actually do all of that. I also need to to find the time to read the last few pages of Exodus. I am going to try to do that at work tonight online.

Whats on your mind today? New TV shows? Looking for a recipe. Got a question? Let me know. Ill be back after my 8 hour nap which now looks like its going to be about 6 hours..Hope you all have a good day

Check out my Slide Show!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, I finally added pics of the prizes to the blog. For pics and info, click here. There is still time to play and catch up!

First up, an extra point to go visit the adoption blog. We have a guest blogger over there today and I want him to feel welcome. we are also having our Monday prayer time..Look around. Post wherever you want. I will get an email that you posted.
Also, right after Thanksgiving, this blog will be Christmas central. There will be stories, games, prizes, memories and other things. I will also be doing a Christmas card exchange where you choose how many cards you want to send, 1,5, 10 or 20!!! Just wanted to give you a heads up.
Last night, Michael and I went to Target, out to eat and grocery shopping. Soon it will be time for the apple festival and I am very excited about that.

I was thinking about movies the other day and how much they impact us. This is not meant to be funny but I think I learned about romance from movies..Seriously, when you are a little girl, you assume and love and all that icky stuff is just like the movies. Wow! I can not believe that though, ya know. I love the movie the Notebook, in fact, its my favorite. Its pretty clean except for one scene. But seriously, that kiss is the most romantic kiss in the history of movies. Then there are movies like The Other Sister which I think is a romantic comedy. Then there are the creepy romance movies.

What are your thoughts? DO you have a favorite romantic drama movie? Is there one that just annoys the heck out of you?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its Sunday and I am sleeepy

Did I tell you as of today Michael and I have been logged in to the China system 5 months. You can read our adoption story here.
Each month on the 23rd we buy LynnMarie (the name we have chosen) a book for her collection. What are your favorite childrens books?

Happy New Week to you

Okay, here is the contest again if you are interested..Still time to catch up. Click here! Reminder, to get the points you must also visit Valtool's Box and comment!

I decided to reflect on my childhood tonight and how much I loved school when I was little. I loved to read. I loved the smell of the new books. I loved getting a new lunchbox and school supplies. After watching, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"? I am surprised that I have forgotten so much. I was thinking the other day that I can not remember the types of clouds (BTW, I just looked them up) or much about earth science or the basic stuff that I learned when I was younger. As much as I would love to home school, I would be detrimental to my child!!! (heehee)

Do you remember elementary school? Do you remember what you loved to learn, what was really fun (lunch and recess are not included)?

Just wondering. Feel free to discuss. I am going home to sleep! Yeah for Michael's college! They won!

See ya when I wake up friends!
Oh yeah, did you know that according to Amys calender, there are only 2 months until Christmas? You see I only count full months so there are only October and November left..HeeHee! Can ya tell I am ready for the holiday?

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Do you like Pandas? If so, click here and then scroll down! We got to see them on our 5th anniversary trip to Colonial Williamsburg last years. Details on that will come later this week!

You guys are rockin at this contest!

How about an extra point today? Lets see... You guys know that we are adopting a baby from China right? Well, its become a passion, a passion we want everyone to be aware of. No necessarily adoption from China, but adoption in general.
So here's a blog I read daily, click here and leave a comment! Take a minute and learn about her and her family. She has been a blogging friend for a while and has really encouraged me at times!

On another note, lets talk about ironic. In one hour, I received an email describing the birth of my friends 3rd baby. The next hour a mom of a patient spent time on her blog describing Caties last night on earth. Very emotional but beautiful to read.


The Contest started yesterday but plenty of time to join. For more info, visit here! ON that note, I did say there was another prize and its going to be a pair of Fall Kitchen towels that are oh so cute. I still can't find my camera battery charger but when I do, I promise a picture!
Did you check out Michael's blog? I enjoyed his post today!

I must confess something. I have started watching the Tori Spelling show, this season its called Inn Love. I'm not sure why I find it interesting but I do. Don't hate me.

I worked last night and will be back tonight so I will find something to blog about later but I wanted to know what you enjoy doing as a hobby. This question is asked a lot as a get to know you question and I never have an answer!

My hobbies are blogging, reading fiction books, planning trips, Disney Cruises, visiting family, road trips and reconnecting with old friends.Hobbies I would like to have are organizing, knitting, crocheting and things like that.

What are your hobbies?

A funny this week, Michael and I went to dinner. We ate together (imagine that!!!) and the
waiter asked "one check or 2"? In all the times we have been together, that has never been asked.

Be back later friends

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let the contest begin and other things

First, thanks to our guest blogger Steven for posting yesterday and thanks to all who left posts. 'If you didnt get the chance, scroll down to read his words. !!!!

The contest starts today and I thought I would share the info again here!.

Remember here are the rules
1) Post the contest on your blog.
2)Make comments on this blog and over at Valtool's Box for 1 point for each comment starting today and ending midnight next Friday.( I love to post so keep an eye on it.)
3)Keep an eye out for extra points
4)You don't have to answer every day. Example, You can catch up Wednesday for Mon-Wednesday
5)The blogger with the highest amount of points wins. the highest will get first choice, and then so on. I will give a random prize to someone who posts on both blogs at least twice.If there is a tie, it will all work out. I only have 4 people signed up, doesn't sound like a problem. I hope you guys can spread the love..I was blessed with
6) Can you play if you live outside the US? Absolutely. The only prize I can not ship outside the US is the football appetizer dish. Last contest we had a winner from South Africa.

I will get pics up, but I can't find my camera battery charger

1.Large football shaped appetizer dish
2.A cupcake Candle
3.a book on friendship
4.2 ShiningStar animals (cute stuffed animals that have codes to play with on the Internet) If you win and have 2 kids the same age, you get both and I will get another one
5.The coolest Christmas Chain package- remember making those chains for Christmas trees?
a book of Michael's choice
6.A sweet water bottle from Childrens healthcare of Atlanta
7.Burts Bees- either for adults or a baby's collection
8.A set of little people scrubs first aid kit (yes its new)
10.set of fall kitchen towels
11.a large bag (the kind you can add family pics to)
I was blessed with these items this week and I would like to share these blessings with you. Plus I love to read comments, because you guys rock

Okay, my post for the day!!!!
Watched Survivor last night. I have a high interest this season as we will be going to China to get our daughter one day. I can not wait to learn more about this country and this culture. Once again, they have an eclectic group going in here.

It seems to me since I started watching Real World years ago, most reality shows follow pattern and I was wondering if you agree. Now it seems there are certain types of people you must have on one of these tv shows. Please listen, this is just what I see. I think there should be diversity on these shows. I really dislike and feel uncomfortable with talk about racial issues.

So you must always have someone who is very deep into their religion( doesnt have to be Christianity), you must have different races represented, you need to have at least 2-3 "pretty people" like models and stuff like that, you need to have someone who is the stereotypical smart person, you have to both hetero and homosexual people on the show, and there always has to be someone who has a "really different kind of job". This season there is a person who is a grave digger. I find it interesting because he mentioned that he is used to working alone and I can't wait to see how it pans out! There are also the "leaders" or the ones that start taking a leadership role immediately, regardless if people want it or not!

how you ever thought about this? Is there someone from a reality show that stands out to you? If not, do you have a favorite show??

So not pictured are the bag I talked about, the towels and the Burts Bees stuff because you get to pick out if you want the adult or baby stuff.

This is actually a pair of luggage tags

Shining Star animals

Football dish

Cupcake Candle

Christmas Chain stuff

Water bottle, book

Contest rules and prizes found here, starts tomorrow!

Today we have a Guest blogger

Today we have a guest blogger whom we shall call Steven.
Let me introduce Steven to you.
Steven is:
1) a friend from college
2)a family guy who has a beautiful wife and 2 awesome kids
3) he is real, he is honest and he admits his mistakes
4)I have recommended his blog and I do so again

So without any more waiting, I give you Steven R (his words are in italic)
Make you go visit Steven and check out his videos and his blogroll..There is some cool stuff here

Wow. First off let me say that this is an honor. Thanks to whomever thought enough of my blogging to recommend me to Amy. It means a lot to know people like to read what I say.

So. What to blog about.

This is a lot of pressure.

All you people coming to Amy’s blog thinking you were getting her. And instead you got me. And I have the opportunity to impress you enough that maybe you will visit my blog ( Like how I slid that shameless plug in there?

I thought long and hard. Ok. So I thought on the 20 minute ride home from work about what I would blog about. And I came to the conclusion that I would blog about why I blog and what I think makes a good blog.

Realize of course, these are just my opinions. Meaning you can give me an “amen” or throw something at me. Either one is fine with me.

The thing I have tried to stay true to when I started blogging was to completely be myself. And by that I mean to show every side of me. Not the side of me I thought people wanted to see. But the screwed up, flawed, funny, passionate, crude, loving guy that tried his best to love every day as though it could be his last.

My most fulfilling days are days when I am doing something I am passionate about and loving every moment of it. Days where I lay my head down on the pillow at night and think to myself, “I would totally do that day over again.”

Too many blogs are people putting on their masks and playing the person they think might get the most comments. I could care less how many comments I get. I used to. But I figured out the comments come when I am myself. And a lot of times that might mean I give a point of view that isn’t very popular.

I try and balance the fact that I am a Christian guy with the fact that I like to have fun. I love dc Talk. But I also love 50Cent. I love drinking milk. But I love a nice tall beer as well. I try and have a daily Bible study. But more times than not I don’t. I oversleep church when I get in late the night before. I sin daily and fall into bad habits. But hey. Jesus loves me. This I know.

So if you want my two cents (which won’t get you much), just be yourself when you write. Be transparent.

But if I could offer one bit of advice in closing. Don’t start up a blog if all you are going to offer me is e-mails you got that you cut and pasted into your blog. It bores me and doesn’t really give me any insight into what it is that makes you tick. Give me substance.

I like to read blogs of people I have never met but feel like I know them personally. Through blogs like this, I have made a couple of great friends like Carlos ( and Salty Dog ( Guys I would totally hang out with in person.

So class. What have we learned? Be yourself. Be transparent. No crap on the blogs.

With that. I hand the reigns of this big bad blog back over to Amy and thank you all for reading.

Thursday 13

Before you read the 13 make sure you visit the post above, as we have a guest blogger today and after you read the 13, head to the post below and learn of the contest starting tomorrow! I dont want anyone to feel left out!! Cool prizes to be one

Thirteen Things about Amy
13 TV Series and I would like to rewatch and own

1. BH 90210 (wait I already have the first 2 seasons)

2. ER


4.The facts of life

5. Seventh Heaven

6. Little House on the Prairie

7. The waltons

8.The Real World (the first 5 years)

9.Life Goes On (does anyone remember this?)

10. Growing Pains

11. Family Ties

12. Silver Spoons

13. The Brady Bunch
Links to other Thursday Thirteens!1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Dont forget to check the guest blogger above and the contest below!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guest blogger and Contest

Scroll down to see how the study went!

Tomorrow we have a guest blogger so I hope you will stop by and make him/her feel welcome! WooHoo!!!


I hope to have pictures tomorrow of the prizes because they are really cool this time!


1) Something for the guys- a large football shaped appetizer tray. Definitely fun for the whole game thing
2)a wonderful book on friendship
3) a cupcake candle
4)a great water bottle from Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
5) a collection of Burts Bees products- you pick between adult and baby product
6)2 shining star animals. These are awesome. These are 2 different prizes but if you win and have 2 kids the same age, you get both and I will get another one. Click here to see these awesome things. One is a bear and one is a rabbit.
7)A Christmas chain package with everything you need to decorate your tree
8)Book of Michael's choice

Now for the rules,

1)You must advertise the contest on your blog
2)Contest will run from Friday September 21st to Friday September 28th. Winners to be announced Monday October 1,2007
3)All you have to do is leave comments on the posts that you find on this blog or over at Valtool's Box starting on Friday. We will have a point system, the person with the most points gets first pick and next person is second is so on.
As long as you post 2 times on each blog, you will be entered into a random drawing for a special surprise. Each comment is worth one point and keep an eye out for extra points during the week!

Go ahead. Post this on your blog somewhere.
Let me know if you will be playing and if someone sent you over here. This is also a great way to get to know more people in the blogging world. Am I trying to get more hits on our blogs? honestly, yes! Hahaha! I think most of my contests have been successful..Remember, this starts this
(and yes you can catch up with previous posts but let me know if you are going to play!)

Once again, stay tuned for the special guest blog appearance to show up tomorrow!!!

Peace out!

Noah and Jacob and Joseph oh my and other things

Well, Im home from the first session of The Amazing Collection, a study that will take me through the entire Bible in 3 years. Today, we reviewed Genesis and dude, there is a lot of history in this book. I have not read it in years and was amazed at what I learned. I think I will add the memory very to this blog each week.
The verse from Genesis is
I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you
Genesis 17:7
I would love to learn more about Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph. What interesting characters.Its amazing that each person we studied had a purpose, even if they did not know it. Isn't it cool to know that each one of us has a purpose?
Let me ask you another question that I have asked before, What are you passionate about?
****contest starting Monday, details later today..Fun prizes! **********************


1) Yesterday was Daddy-O's Bday! Happy birthday dad!
2) Michael (the greatest hubby of all) has posted a couple times to his blog, with some interesting facts about his week. Please go visit him and show him some love. Everyone loves comments, go check him out. Check out his Wordless Wednesday
3) I have decided on a contest..Details to be announced soon
4)Not only am I a Disney fan, but also a Thomas Kinkaid fan. Woke up today to learn that you can have breakfast with Mr Kinkaid and his family and he reveals a special Cinderella Castle painting..Ok, I soooo want that.
5)I know have over 200 blogs I read over at bloglines. I'm glad not everyone posts every day. If you have a blog to recommend that I should be reading let me know. Especially new bloggers.
6) Today starts our first week of Bible Study. We will go through Genesis. Cant wait to tell you about it. I have a bit more to read before 9am

Looking for some guest bloggers at both blogs. We have had several new posts over at the adoption blog lately.

Gotta go back to bed for an hour. I have no idea why I am so wired or awake!

Did I tell you God is awesome? More details to come..

Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday morning, it was fall. It was cool, literally. it felt so good outside. Im looking forward to the leaves changing soon. I have been keeping an eye on what I consider the prettiest tree in the neighborhood. When it changes, it becomes the most beautiful burgandy color. The tips have started to change.

Our anniversary is just a few weeks away. Its always nice to have a reason to celebrate.

Today we are having prayer time over at the adoption blog. Stop by if you get the chance.

There is really not much for me to blog about. Lucy the basset hound is taking a nap and I am working tonight. As you can read below, I got one room prettied up yesterday. Hope the motivation continues. I made a great dinner this weekend, hope I can find another one.

Perhaps I should ask you guys a question.

What are some fun things you do with your spouse and family in the fall?
If you have never commented here before, I hope you take the chance to do so now. Let me know if you are a first time commenter, I would love to add you to my blogroll and bloglines.
Have a blessed day!!! Also, Im looking for a few people to do some guest appearances on this blog or our adoption blog. If you have a passion for something and are interested let me know.
if you are interested in being a part of the adoption email update, drop me a line at

Sunday, September 16, 2007


If you have ever watched Sunday nights, Extreme Makeover and not cried, you must be related to the Tin Man. I dont watch this every week, but when I do, it always gets me. Im not sure it if its because of the families that deserve it or the people who volunteer to help make these homes but its awesome.

Michael and I got to church right on time (we did agree we need to get there earlier) and then went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. Good times. Then we came home and chilled for a bit. I got a little motivated and cleaned up the built in bookshelves we had put in a year or 2 ago. Michael says you can notice a different. After he left for work, I went to the grocery store and then started on the living room. Didn't need much, just a sweep and mop and some putting things away. I can say the room looks clean..WooHoo. Plus I have a fall candle (from Michael's) in the middle of the coffee table . It looks pretty. That's a big deal to me. I think its the first time I have said the room was pretty.

Whats up for this week?
Work for both of us, I have an extra 8 hours shift on Thursday.
Please pray for Gianna, a friends baby who is having spinal cord surgery in the morning. Gianna came home from China just a few months ago.

I'm thinking about having a guest blogger visit soon. Stay tuned..

Oh yeah, if you read the post below, please explain what you think the coffin is.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

last nights dinner

Thanks for the dinner ideas..What did I make? Well I tried something different.Was it successful? Did Michael like it? Well, see for yourself. See Michaels blog for his opinion
So this morning, since I had the day off I decided to go visit some garage sales. My sister and I do this frequently when I am in Florida and I love to look for treasures.
I added to my collection of books for LynnMarie. You can see the books I got here. I got a 1000 piece Norman Rockwell puzzle unopened for a dollar, a lovely fall tablecloth and 8 napkins for 5 dollars, some beautiful Colonial Williamsburg pictures and a few other odds and ends.
I have to tell you that as I checked out Craigs List last night to get my garage sale schedule, and I noticed an interesting sale, thought it was too far away. What made it special? The were selling a used coffin..Please explain this to me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lucy the hound dog and things

I will just let you that if you shut the door on a basset hounds nose (or beak) they will survive. i have been letting Lucy have free roam of the house a couple times a day and after I pretty much tripped over the last stair while letting the kitty litter out, Lucy tried to escape. Please don't try to picture it as it wasn't even funny. Poor everyone..

Anyway, its time for your help. I need ideas for dinner tomorrow night. Just Michael and I. Come on blogging friends, most of you are domestic goddesses..I need your expertise. I need something that you really cant mess up. I have 12 cookbooks. I cant find anything..Help!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

womens ministry

So last night I had to surprisingly float to another floor. It wasn't my turn but it was the most convenient decision. So after 8 hours of being in an uncomfortable place and surviving, I headed home early to get ready for my new group.

I decided to attend the kick of of the Womens Ministry over at the church we have been attending North Metro. So at 9am I entered the building as that's when the doors open (and you have to realize I hate to be late to anything, I mean I really hate to be late for anything. I went in and I was quickly greeted by some serious Southern ladies.. I immediately felt welcomed and was led to the registration table and then to the table that handed out assignments. I got my book and headed to the sanctuary. A new friend found me and we got some refreshments and talked a little. There were over 300 ladies here. What this study will be is a 40 minute video and then a 40 minute discussion. We are using the Amazing Collection as our guide. This series will take you into the entire Bible in 3 years. There are so many people that are in years 2 and 3.

The lead teaching pastor of the church opened with a word of prayer and then we were welcomed by the committee. This ministry focuses on how women can effect their families by the power of prayer. They had a video of a college girl talking about her mom. She said she was a mean,disrespectful teenager. She was crying as she spoke. She said if she can have one memory of her childhood, it will be walking down the stairs and hearing her mom pray for her daily, no matter how ugly she was to her. It was amazing. If you live in Atlanta, I hope you will check this group out. Its not necessarily a NorthMetro group, as it is a community group. There are ladies from all over there is so much going on with this group. All women mission trips, road trips, book clubs, fun! Did I tell how glad I am that we found this church?

Then we broke down into our new small groups to get to know one another. I have about 10 -15 ladies in my group. I think everyone is in their 30s and 40s and everyone is very nice. There is a family physician, a few moms who home school, a new believer whose husband is not a believer, and just some more really nice southern ladies. Haha! It really should be a good experience and I am so glad I went.

I found the video below yesterday and posted it. The words are powerful. Hope you are able to watch it!

9/11- please watch

I have heard the words before, but its the first time I have seen the slide show

Monday, September 10, 2007

your turn

Hello Friends! Its Tuesday early morning 9/11 and it will be an emotional day I am sure. I will be working for the next 2 nights. I open the blogging floor to you now. Anything on your mind, 9/11, movies, the VMA's, High School Musical, Oprah, the View, a joke, interesting questions..anything...
9/11/01...remember,reflect, never forget
Oh yeah, I out a picture below of the basket I had asked you guys about...
Update 9:41am. I didnt mean to make 9/11 sound any less important than it is. Im watching them reading the names of the victims and watching the family and friends. I am just wondering how they are feeling. This is a time of remembering, reflecting and praying.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Indescribable - Chris Tomlin

Scary morning

Lets hope the family doesn't read this and if they do, Kelly don't you dare tell the parental units.

This morning I left work right at 730am hoping to get ready for the 9:15 church service. Cops were everywhere so I went down I-75 going between 65-70. During my peaceful drive listening to my Disney Musical cd I saw this car beside me merging over, but assuming he would go about his business. He in fact was not going back to his lane and kept going. I slammed the horn but it was too late, he realized he was headed in my direction and sharply turned to the left. Everything went in slow motion but I saw him slide all the way to the left hitting the wall and bouncing off. After his bounce, the car slid towards me and I had to put my foot on the gas to make sure I passed him. I saw him slide and I kept going as I was on I-75 and although a Sunday morning, there were cars besides me and I could not pull over. I saw him slow down right in the middle of the road. I saw cars slamming their brakes but I was too in shock to do anything. I had my cell phone and dialed 911. I dialed, it rang. Dialed it again and I couldn't understand the operator so I quickly yelled what happened and where.

This guy had to choose between hitting me and hitting the wall. He hit the wall and I do not know what happenned. I wish I could find out. I have prayed for him. Please do the same.

I could have died today. I could have been seriously injured, changing the way I live my life. I do not think I have over dramatized this.

We were able to make it to church today. It was the first service since the new construction has been completed. We sat in the theater (a large room with live music, the speaker is broadcasted on a big screen). We sat with Tymm and Laura and the new series is on God's love and how wonderful and big and awesome it is. they ended with Indescribable by Chris Tomlin. Wow, another great service. This mornings event scared me and just made me wonder why I wasn't hit by that car. everything was so slow but he could have easily hit me and it would have done a lot of damage at the speed he was going. I wonder if he died. I wonder if walked out okay. I wonder why I didn't find a way to turn around and check. I don't know. there was really no place for me to pull over and I was so shaky I didn't know what to do.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Lots of new posts at the adoption blog.

How are ya? Its been almost 3 days since I have blogged here and just wanted to see whats going on. Apparently football season is here and that's a huge blog topic. You won't find that here, just because I don't get it. Michael and I will be attending a get together next weekend to watch a UCF game. I am sure he will enjoy it!!!

I took a picture of the basked that is related to the post below. You guys have given me some great ideas. There is no happy news on TV today. I tried to find something but could not.

Working tonight, have Sunday off. Tomorrow after I get home, Michael and I will make it to church. We attended the open house/dinner last night before our adoption group meeting and toured the new facility. It's awesome. North Metro is huge but comfortable. Michael and really did not want to go to a BIG church but I really feel at home here. We will hopefully be joining a community group in the next month or 2 and we are both looking forward to that.

Its time for fall which should be cooler weather, 6th year anniversaries, leaves changes, road trips and festivals like the Elijay Apple Festival and stuff. Hoping we will be able to enjoy it. There is so much I would like to do, but I want to slow down and really enjoy the moments we experience.

Next week at Random Thoughts: new contest and an open forum discussion

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2 things

1) Since I posted about snails, I thought I would mention something else as random. Head over to your post office and get some stamps. Really. Go get some. For the first time in a long time, there is quite a collection like Disney, flowers, trees, Presidents and other things..

2) Last year Michael and I celebrated our anniversary in Williamsburg. HE bought me this beautiful completely round basket (no handle). My intent is to celebrate seasons with it. What should I fill it with for the fall. I am not good at the whole decorating thing so I need you help..Here is a poll. Any other ideas would be wonderful.Thanks

What should I fill our anniversary basket with?
fake apples
little baby pumpkins
fake pumpkins
other-please leave a suggestions free polls

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Snails bring comments..Well at least they did on my blog. Thanks for all the comments regarding where the snails are. Nothing to report. I have been commenting a lot more on the adoption blog lately. I have been invited to have tea with my friend and her 3 year old daughter. We are meeting here. We will see. I'm actually motivated to do some cleaning and organizing. That usually doesn't lasts too long!

Poor Michael. I had arranged to be off work tonight, giving us a whole day off together. He got called in to work. We do indeed need the overtime, but its also nice to spend time together. Go send him some love here.

Wordless Wednesday-nephew Seth

Today is nephew Seth's 5th birthday. I know his mom will read this so go ahead and tell Kelly what a beautiful child he is! He is one funny dude. This weekend he got on the phone and sang "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" to me. He is a hoot!

I think he just told a funny!

Seth and Mr. Pan

I love this picture!!

I love this expression

Monday, September 03, 2007


Just a random thought, do snails still exist because I have not seen once since elementary school Seriously. I have seen slugs and other "things" but not snails.
Have you seen any recently? Just wondering

Saturday, September 01, 2007

the week

Its officially September, which means its almost fall which means its almost my anniversary which means its almost Thanksgiving, which means its almost Christmas. Yippee!!! On that note, yesterday afternoon I walked into Hobby Lobby for the first time and it made me smile. There were so many fall decorations and such and everything was 50% off. I just looked but it was fun..I didnt dare go to the Christmas section. Its a little too early for even me.

Its Labor Day weekend, and there is a lot of football on. Not really a football fan, probably because I don't really get it.

Working tonight but still going to try to make it to church. We are meeting at a school for another week and then back to the new and improved building. They have added on to it and there are a lot of changes.

Our work schedules have changed a bit. I think its actually better. We both get at least an evening to ourselves, we still get to do trivia together on Wed nights together and we will have Sun mornings free to church.

Due to Michael's new job, we are unable to go home for the week of Thanksgiving as planned but I know something will work out. We do have our anniversary coming up and its been almost a year since our anniversary trip to Williamsburg. That was an awesome trip.

Next project, getting the house organized. I have been working at it or at least thinking about it for 3 years, its time to tackle the monster.