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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

colors and furnitures and themes oh my

I had nothing to post today so I am just going to be a bit random. As we continue to get closer to a referral ( no worries, we still have a long wait ahead of us), I have started thinking about her room a bit. We know we will need to get new carpet. At one point, I thought about hardwood or even laminate, but I think we will stick with carpet.

And then other questions started. Furniture, what color, what type? What do you really need to have a cute, sensible nursery? I have spent hours of time at work ( while my patients sleep)looking at google images of different nurseries and themes and such. I am not creative in this department at all, and that actually saddens me. I have no clue what color to paint the room. Do we look for cheaper used furniture to save money and repaint it? Because I am soo not coordinated and that may make it look worse?

Oh my gosh, I walked around the Babys Room near the mall and they have the cutest, most expensive things. Then I went to Baby Depot and noticed some of the same crib bedding was even cheaper. Its time to look for deals!

What colors do I like? Do we want to do ladybugs ( as many gifts have been ladybugs but I don't want that do influence our choice). Do I want something else that I can add lady bugs as well? I thought about putting this on our adoption blog but didn't want LynnMarie to read this one day and think her mom went crazy.

We have had a discussion on my April LID 2007 yahoo group about what are necessities. So what are your thoughts? We have no idea how old she will be but she may be between 9-18 months old.

So, what are the necessities besides a crib? oh and the place I went to had the cutest little bitty table and chairs..haha! So, what do you look for in a crib or dresser, really?

The only things I do not want are pink walls, no offense !!! I will try to post pics of things I like some other time.


Cristy said...

Hey Amy-

We have 2 Munire solid mahogany covertible cribs (they can be toddler bed/ headboard and footboard for a double bed) They are both ivory and one has never been used (long story) I think they are from the Savannah collection at the Baby's Room. Anyway we are selling them both so let me know if you are interested. I am planning a yard sale in a few weeks or so and was going to sell them then.

I also have a hardly used crib bedding set, but it's definitely pink ;)

So exciting that you are in the planning and prep stage of making her room ready!

Wendy said...

I highly suggest a convertible crib, that way you never have to buy another bed. And I suggest a good glider.

Get the book Baby Bargains. This helped me tremendously as I tried to figure out what I needed and what I could live without.

amy said...

the lovely Kim Perry gave me the Baby Bargains book last year and I love it. Just wanted some more opinions

kailani said...

We made our daughter's room so pretty but she ended up sleeping in our room instead. *sigh*

Kim said...

Go look at Cristy's convertible cribs. Come over to our house and look at Sheridan's room. His dresser and nightstands are our old master bedroom furniture that we updated with paint and his headboard was a garage sale find for $5, then updated with paint. You can have a great time with used furniture, a few cans of paint, and some imagination.

redmaryjanes said...


I know that you are working with your First Friday ladies to participate in the book drive for Amanda. I have posted part of an e-mail that I received from her with some new needed items. Also, if there something I can put together for you to e-mail to the group or help you out with this, just let me know.
Thanks girl! Kimberley

redmaryjanes said...

Necessities hmmm.... I am not going to have a crib I don't think as I have a feeling that Sophia will be almost 2. So, she will be sleeping in a toddler bed most likely, unless she is younger, then I'll get a crib. I have a little table and chairs set for Eli in the kitchen and it is priceless. He eats his little breakfast there on work mornings and colors there. He really uses it a lot.

Special K said...

I would wait on a crib until you know the age of your child, unless you get one of those convertible things. You'll need a sleeping place, some clothes storage places, a light, and some bedding. That can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. Micah has a daybed we bought second hand from a friend and my grandma's dresser and chest of drawers that I had when growing up (a new coat of paint and they're good to go!).

Susan said...

Hi Amy,

I think this is one of the things that is the hardest to decide. It's exciting for sure.

It's been so long since I've looked at Baby Stuff...that I really have no advice. Only the advice to pick something and go for it.

:-) Susan

Beverly said...

Poor Glenys didn't get a crib (15 months and co-slept with FM) just a toddler bed and she slept/sleep with me. I also never needed a changing table if you have the room for it great but if not oh well. I did have the changing pad thingy but never really used it. You sort of just learn how to change diapers a lot of different ways including standing up!! I would take Christy up on her offer. Glenys' room is yellow here but at her first home I didn't paint. Glenys' room will convert easily to a child/pre-teen. Babies have lots of stuff so you need lots of storage room or containers!!

Jose said...

Amy I would suggest for you to buy what you need not what you want. Once you determine what is it you need have fun while going for it. How can you stand it, this is worse than the 9 month wait most of us had to endure. lol