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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my experience at Target

So, I am getting ready to check out at Target and I have 2 books in my hand and there is only one lady in the express check out lane (10 items or less), so I go and I wait longer than expected.

The lady ahead of me has a basket an is getting her stuff out of her basket and I admit, I counted. When I got to 25 I was like dude, so not cool and I must have made a facial expression because one of the asst managers tells the lady its for 10 items or less. She said she understands and she only has 10 DIFFERENT items,

She had like

folders (like 20 of them)
Pencils (like 5-6)
pens (no kidding, 20 packs)
notebooks (another 20)

We are talking less than 10 different items but like 50 actual items! Ugh!!!
Her idea of 10 items or less is totally different than mine. I probably rolled my eyes a bit. I was bad but dude, that was sooooo not cool

Before this, I went to a WW meeting and surprise, I gained 4 pounds. I could have told you that but I went, I braved the scale and there is no hiding it.

We will continue!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

People like that lady at Target frustrate me.
Good for you for going to the meeting. It's better to know what you're dealing with even if you know for sure it's not pretty. I can't wait to start going to meetings again. WW on line is nice but I miss my meetings.
I tagged you :)

TeaMouse said...

That is so frustrating - you see it all the time. I guess it bugs me because I am always so conscientious of how many items I have, I take the time to count and never go over.

Nikki said...

I have to say anger would have set in and I, too, would have shown many faces of disgust! Oh well - she is probably still clueless.

When are you working weekends again? I REALLY miss seeing you - I came to see you Saturday night and you where MIA.

Love Ya!!

erin said...

Grr, that makes me so angry when people do that, but I never say anthing, and the sales clerks don't either. Why have that rule if it's not enforced. And having 10 of the same items is NOT what that sign means. Good grief.

Good for you for going to the meeting; maybe it will give you extra motivation to see a loss next time!!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Obviously buying school supplies. I only hope her kids get a better education than she did!

sara said...

Your target story brought a smile to my face. Glad to know you are human!!

No worries on the 4#. Begin Again!

The Straight's said...

Yeah you went to a meeting! So glad to hear you are brave enough and tough enough to push through the "bad" days and move forward. Hey and you even are brave enough to blog about it-GO GIRL!

Michelle said...

10 different items. Bogus.

Yay on going to the WW meeting!!! Great job!

Beverly said...

people like that make me want to poke their eyes out!!~

Jose said...

Can't blame someone for thinking outside the box. I think her answer was very aloquent. lol Hope you have luck next time. Oh and by the way, I like Target a lot, it's always clean and not as packed as other stores.