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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

night of emotions

Ya know, I ended up taking care of of one of the sweet patients with a brain tumor. Once again I had a family I have grown to love. Once again I sent these parents to the ER across the street. Last month, I sent the dad because of his migraines and last night mom went over with palpitations (they are both OK).

We spent a lot of time talking the last couple of nights about brain tumors, life, God, and international adoption. This family is so sad right now. I wish I could tell you the little boys name but we will call him E but rest assured he has the coolest E name ever. I do not want this family to give up hope. If you looked at this boy, your heart would melt. You would want to sit by his bed and hold his hand while he made baby noises at you. I had some precious moments with E while mom and dad went to the hospital.

On another note, Friday night I had to float to another floor and it was a good float and I met some new nursing friends and cool patients. Michelle was in charge and had me laughing all night long. Michelle came to work last night only to get a horrible phone call. Her son went out to play football last night and as he walked out, collapsed and died. He was 14. She knows God does not make mistakes but this has to be hard. There is a lot of sadness around the hospital.

I did have some happiness last night. I was able to meet a friends from out First Friday group last night. Her daughter was admitted and I got the chance to talk her about life and her 3 China adoptions (2 girls, 1 boy). Definitely made me heart smile.

Usually I do not post specifics about work, but please pray. There is so much sadness and discouragement but in all of this, there is hope. I see it every time I go to work and it makes me continue. I become encouraged and my spirit is restored.

It was a very interesting shift!!!



ok, you just rocked me w/ the nurses son dying on his way to football practice ... i can't even imagine the sadness they are facing ... i will pray for them all ... what a heart you have to be there for so many hurting ... i am sure you are a comfort to many !!!

i just figured out that i didn't read Summer .. I stopped w/ Sunrise, so I am going to the library today and get it ... we can read it together ....

have a blessed day friend !!!

amy said...

It rocked me as well. Her attitude is right though, God does not make mistakes!

Im not all that, but if I in just one moment ease someones burden, or as cheesy as it my seem, get a smile from someone suffering, I have had a good night!

I just got to know this mom Friday night!

Amy said...

Maybe God introduced the two of you then because He knew she was going to need you through all opf this, Amy.

I know God's timing is perfect in ALL things, but it sure is hard to grasp tragedies like this. MY heart just aches for this family. I will be praying for them.

I don't know if you are like me, but I go to bed thinking about all the people in Blogville and I wake up in the night thinking about them and when I get up in the morning. I know there are SO many people that need our prayers. So many families hurting. I wish I could help them all. The only thing I can do is pray.

I'm glad you share these requests with all of us Amy. That just means that you have more people praying!

Jose said...

Wow Amy, I think interesting shift was not an accurate description. Before my dad died the nurse that was taking care of him showed so much love and compasion that I prayed all nurses would be like her. It strikes me as you being the same type of nurse. What you guys have to deal with on a daily basis needs true vocation.

Laura said...

Amy...I am so sorry about your friend's son who passed away. How tragic...that family is in my prayers. I am also praying for "E" and his health as well as his parents.

You have an amazing job where God gets a chance to truly use you. I am so glad to see Him in action.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow, as the mother of a 14 yr old, that story hit me. I just cannot imagine what they are going through. God's plan just sometimes doesn't make sense to us, but all things work together for good for those who love Him, right?
"E" and his parents are lucky you're in his life. :)

amy said...

I appreciate all of you comments but I am just me doing my job. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with families.

But please know, I am just me trying to make peoples hospital stays just a bit sweeter

Amy said...

Oh my goodness lots of emotions in that post for sure. My heart goes out to all of these families, but particularly Michelle's. I will certainly say a prayer for her, for her faith and for her strength. Whew, there is just no right words to say in that instance. God bless that family.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

So much tragedy...I know it must wear on you at times. Praying for you and the families.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...that post made me so sad. I mean I just count my blessings each and everyday. And I pray that God fills each of these people's lives with others just like you who can bring them a message of hope and encouragement that can only come from God.