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Sunday, July 27, 2008


What makes me smile? Lots of things but today was really fun. I worked
(not a good word, played) in the church nursery. I have been assigned to China
( how funny is that??) and the ages are 7-13 months. What a fun age! LynnMarie will be anywhere from 6 months up so I am loving this group.
We had kids of all nationalites and sizes and even mobility. Some of the kids could not craw or scoot and they were content just sitting there. I love the chubby ones!!!

I have gotten to know some of these kids over the past few months and some will soon be going to another class, but its been fun watching them smile and making them laugh. We had a visiting family today and this family was from Africa and they left their sweet 9 month old with us. He was asleep when they dropped them off and awoke when the rest of the babies had a crying moment. It was a very crowded baby room today. Anyway, little man started waking up and I love this time. So, I " "claimed" him and scooped him up and rocked him. What a sweet moment. Then he opened his eyes. He should not have done this as this I was totally mesmerized by this little man. I could stare at his beautiful face for hours. So we rocked and rocked and then smiled and we played on the floor for a little bit and then it was diaper time and then time to go home. Oh I hope "little man" comes back. He made my morning just by being here. That was soooo cool!

Off to take a nap!!!

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Susan said...

What fun!! I love the snuggle time with the little ones.