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Thursday, July 03, 2008

random thoughts, bullet post

So last night I had my last diet coke,(I hope). The plan is to stick with water and unsweetened iced tea (which means no alcohol). I hit the gym this morning and had my low fat waffles and light syrup. So far, so good. I am working tonight and then I have the next 4 days off.

Had lunch yesterday and my weekly Bible Study. We are doing the Psalms study by Beth Moore and it is rocking. I hope to continue studying scripture after this is over. There is a lot of cool stuff in that Book.

4th of July. We could go see fireworks but I know Atlanta is going to be crowded. Anyone know of any secret spots to see the fireworks and not deal with traffic? Roswell, Douglasville?

My friend is dropping by a pack and play. Not that we are going to need it anytime soon, but free stuff is very cool.

Looking forward to the finale of Hells Kitchen. I think the Christina will win, but hoping for the dude simply because it would be a surprise.

Looking for parenting, discipline, adoption, attachment books. Any suggestions?

So, what are you doing tomorrow?


Special K said...

There are great fireworks in PTC - LOL!

tabbikat said...

We are going to the fireworks tonight in Villa Rica at the sports complex. Saw it advertised last week on our way to the blueberry patch and figure Villa Rica is much more our speed than the city!

Jose said...

Amy it's going to be 114 degrees here, I think I'll skip fireworks and BBQs and just stay inside.

My sister gives Bible study classes and I like to hear her talk about it. She can convey the messages in a fresh easy to understand way.

Hell's Kitchen, I am so rooting for Christina. Pettroza is cool and a gentelman and Christina is young and smart and a go getter. Looking forward to the finale next week.

Have a Happy and safe 4th of July.

Vuong and Steph said...

Last year we watched the Kennesaw fireworks from the Costco parking lot. It was pretty nice because we were way up on the hill. Some people brought chairs and stuff. We just watched from the hood of the car, but it was fun. And hardly any people!

the5powells said...

Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel & Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp.
Both of those are good. NO parenting book is 100% great but these are pretty good! :)
Love you!

Fireworks. Hm. I wish I knew. The last ones I watched in ATL were the ones at Lenox...we watched from a glass walled conference room eye level with the fireworks...that was wild. BUT...I hated the traffic going back home - and we took Marta. Ha!

sara said...

hey girl,

I am doing the Psalms too, with my Bible Study is SOOOOO speaking to me. It really is one of those studies where God will meet you right where you are at!! Only in week 2 & could write (& might!) several posts about God speaking His Truths into my life!!

And by the way, I am working on giving up diet soda too. Why does it have to be so bad when it tastes so very good?

Happy 4th!