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Thursday, July 17, 2008

random thoughts

Let me first answer Jose's question and then get to my normal post.

How can I stand the wait? I am sure that people wonder that. They hear the wait for China adoption is a couple of years and wonder why even bother? So, we are okay with the wait. This is our time to get ready. But most importantly, God gave us a sense of peace when we started this process. We really never talked a time frame. Its now obvious that LynnMarie will come home in God's perfect timing. I no longer doubt that. Do I want her home now? Oh yes. If I could , I would but I rest in God's promise. I love that feeling.

So last night, I spent some time in prayer. It was dark, quiet and peaceful in our house. I talked to God about a lot of things and spent a lot of time talking to Him about LynnMarie. Then the oddest thing happened. All of a sudden a picture came to my mind. It was an Asian lady rocking a baby and singing to her trying to get her to sleep. This has never come to mind, and I tell you, I quickly fell asleep after that. It was a very sweet thought.

I am presently reading the Shack and its awesome. So awesome. Enough said. I can not do a review on it because I want everyone who reads this blog to read this book, regardless of your religion or beliefs. Once again, so good.

We are not buying anything at this moment for LynnMarie but I still like to window shop and dream. I spent some time on Craigslist an that's the coolest place. I found nursery bedding still in the bags. So exciting I will be checking this place out a lot

We have a crib/dresser opportunity. More to come on that one.

Still looking on building our books on parenting/discipline/attachment/adoption collection so we can read these together. So if you have any books you recommend, let me know.

Last random thought, we are going to be doing a book drive and collecting other supplies for the Starfish Orphanage and Amanda, the one who cares for a lot of babies in China waiting for surgeries. If you live in Atlanta and would like to participate let me know. I will have a list but we want to get her a great supply of books to read while she is at the hospital waiting..

Ok, enough for now. Michael updated his blog with 13 high school memories!!!


Amy said...

Amy, I know how people wonder about the waiting process in adoptions of any kind. But you are dead on when you say it is in God's perfect timing. He knows best, doesn't He? And we can have peace in knowing that. It doesn't mean that we don't want it right now, but at least we can trust His full knowledge on the situation!

Hope your week is blessed!

Nancy said...

I finished reading The Shack about a month ago. I loved it. It really made me think about my relationship with God and how I have blamed him for so much in my life.
I have recommended it to numerous people since finishing it.
I actually got my husband to read it, and he never reads anything I read.

Pam and Jeff said...

The wait. IT is faith that gets us through. Like you said, it is Gods perfect timing. It just gives me peace to wait while God continues to work on me and my husband. His work will improve Julia's life.
The Shack. I read it. Would be a great book to discuss. I just think it makes you think outside the box. I really like it.

The Straight's said...

I recommend the Toddler Adoption book if I haven't already told you about it. It helps prepare you for alot. You are a very patient person and yes God will give you a baby girl when your baby is ready for you!

Susan said...

I love your testimony here....wait on God's timing. It's so important.

I am in the middle of The Shack now. The lady at the bookstore told me about "all the controversy that is surrounding it". I don't know...I will weigh in when I finish it.



Jose said...

Wow! Amy my respect and admiration goes to you and Michael. I am sure that it will be totally worth the wait. I am with you in that God know best.