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Friday, August 29, 2008

a few things

There are a few things I do not blog about simply because I do not know much about them but here are my thought on 2 of those subjects.

Michael Phelps- oh my word. Talk about being disciplined. I could not watch a lot of his events because I was afraid he would lose. Loved the Olympics that I watched was was pretty much swimming and gymnastics. China did a beautiful job!

I love the Manning commercials.

I won't begin to say I understand anything about politics. People are mean. Seriously, people give you crap if you are the opposite party, regardless of what you actually believe. They hear you are a republican or democrat and quickly come up with a snide remark. Some people are very passionate about their party and will defend the nominee no matter what that nominee believes in. Both candidates are passionate. Both want to win. Just because someone is an excellent speaker does not mean he should be president. And just because someone is very patriotic and has more experience than his opponent doesn't mean he should be president. I think the worst thing I keep hearing is how someone doesn't want another Bush in the office. Well, that's not a problem. NO one named Bush is running for office. Why do we judge simply on which party we belong to? People assume that if a republican takes office, they will make the same decisions President Bush has made. That doesn't seem fair or really smart. People are just really ugly about this election and those people who choose to slam the other one make me stereotype everyone who is in that party. That's not fair either.

I remember hearing that during get togethers you should not talk about religion or politics. I can understand that now!
I am glad we are able to vote, no matter what your choice is!

Okay, I am tired so I am not making sense.


Karen said...

I completely agree. I am also cynical about these "speeches" that teams of writers have pre-written for both of them. How does it make you a better candidate just because you can assemble a team of talented writers? They just seem insincere to me. I won't even get started on the attack commercials, and why I don't think that political commercials are a waste of money, LOL;)

I did find a great site yesterday, called They have an unbiased section for each candidate with their stated views on several topics. They back up the statements with quotes and facts given by the candidates and some voting histories as well.

KC said...

ITA... it is crazy.. but one things forsure with this race.. it will be interesting.