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Monday, August 04, 2008

the one where Amy answers your questions

If you could only use ONE adjective to describe yourself, which would you choose? You have to sum up your entire being in one word!
What a great question. Very hard but I will say different. I wanted to use the word special but that sounds negative to some people. God created me different and if you know me, you will know I am different. I have unique tastes, a very different vocabulary and I am just now beginning to love who God created me to be

You may have told us this before, but what is your middle name?

What is your favorite childhood memory?
I have so many. My parents were so good to me. This will be a whole other post. Vacations ( were not that many but just being with family was special), Christmas, playing with neighbors, love my elementary school memories

Have you ever visited Canada? If not where in Canada would you like to visit if you had the opportunity.
I have not been to Canada but would love to visit Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green Gables was filmed

I will also bite... though an odd one... hehehe... What time do you want to meet and will it be at the Fish Camp and maybe Dustin's for lunch???? What do you think?
We talked about this yesterday and I am so excited. We can talk about this later. I can not wait to miss Fliss and her hubby


Bella's momma said...

This was a great post idea!!! May have to use this myself!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Gonna be fun... what is this about PEI... my dream place to visit... hoping to do it for my 40th...

Amy said...

Totally fun post! I like the idea of answering readers questions. It gives us a bit of a different perspective, fun!

Susan said...

Great answers, Amy! Have a great week.

:-) Susan

Amy said...

Suzanne? I like it! Very pretty.

And I, too, would LOVE to go on an Anne of Green Gables tour! I love that series of books and the movies too are some of my favorite!