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Sunday, August 31, 2008

the physical and spiritual

Greetings to my new blog readers from the weight loss challenge (see side bar if you want to join) and all my friends!

Ok the physical. Yesterday we woke up and headed out to Celebrate Freedom, a free all day Christian music concert in Conyers. We went to Chick Fil A and I got one chicken biscuit. Now, I know its 10 points but planned on eating ok the rest of the day and I knew I would be doing some good walking so no guilt there.

Get to the park, get a good seat and enjoy the end of Third Day and some new artists. Just had a great time. Early afternoon and I tell Michael I am not going to eat unless I am hungry. First bad decision. We got some water and unsweetened tea and walked around. So we are in one of the tents and one of my new allergy spells kicks in. I sneeze up a storm, my head starts to itch and my face swells up. I had a sudafed with me so we found some more water and drank that. Eventually the swelling went away but then I had a new problem. I just did not feel well. We sat down for a while and watched Chris Sligh ( I was soooo looking forward to him and was not disappointed). My stomach started hurting and for the first time I really thought i was going to pass out. I figure now I was a bit dehydrated and my blood sugar probably dropped really quick. Next bad decision since I was trying to watch what I ate was one of those lemon ice things since its mostly ice. After that, my mouth went completely dry. Totally odd. Anyway I eventually got really sick and eventually emptied my stomach (sorry if TMI). Sat for a long time in the cool tend and after feeling guilty I drank a Sprite which ended up being 6 points but my body needed it, ugh! I still felt so weak and honestly had I not been a nurse, I would have told myself to go to the E.R

Eventually we headed back to the stage and I started feeling well and started sipping water and watched an amazing performance of Mercy Me. We decided to leave after Mercy Me even though I was feeling much better. Just didn't want to chance it. Headed home and got a Chicken dinner from PUblix and I measured everything but still went over my points. I do not feel guilty at all and now its Sunday morning and my eyes are still a bit swollen but I am much better!

Besides being a bit ill, I would say this was one of the best days of the year. It was nice to be in sun with my hubby and we just relaxed and chatted. Its amazing what watching thousands of people worshiping can do for your soul but thats another post!

The Spiritual
In the past 2 months I have met some blogging friends in the real world. One new friend told me she was afraid I was going to be a bit too conservative but after talking to me on the phone she said I would be ok! Ha! I talked to another new friend who told me it was because my blog has spiritual overtones in it.

I just wonder how people really see me. I do not want to be seen as the religious girl. I want to be known as a God follower. I do not want people to think I am going to try to push God down their throats. That's not my job. My job is for people to see God through me. Right now I am trying to get the real life Amy and the blogging Amy on the same page. Don't get confused. I do not have a multiple personality disorder. If I had to pick which Amy I preferred, it would be the blogging Amy. These are my thoughts, these are the things on my heart. I am so hesitant to be myself in real life. Its hard. This post is going on long enough, so I will stop. So I am hoping my blog will continue to be from the real Amy and that it doesn't come across so pushy.

I am learning to listen to God. He speaks to me in the coolest places.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad that you started to feel better and your day wasn't ruined! I'm glad you ended up having a nice time inspite of the illness. Some times you have to throw the points out the window when your body tells you it needs something. I'm glad you listened to it and had the Sprite.

KC said...

Oh Amy sorry you felt so awful and i'm glad you started feeling better and was able to enjoy yourself.. that sounds like the coolest concert.

Susan said...

Wow, how frustrating to get sick at such a great event. I love these musicfests and wish we had one here close again. DH and I used to go every year, but now it's hard to find them.

You are a blessing, Amy. I pray that you are feeling better.



Valtool said...

It's funny you talked about how others see us. This evening I was playing cards at a friend's house and there were two ladies there that I have played with at a pub, but I don't know them outside of that environment except that I know one is a law student and they are a couple.

Anyways, I played better tonight than I have in quite a while and part of it was that I played in a manner that they could not get a read on my style. They could not tell when I had a good hand and when I didn't, and a number of times I caught them misrepresenting what cards they had. Karen told me I was not "trustworthy," which in the realm of poker is a good thing, but outside of the poker table it's no compliment at all. There is a generally accepted rule that all poker players are liers (you have to lie through your words and your wagers in order to influence the other players and develop a cmpetitive edge.

So, in Karen's opeinion I am not trustworthy at the table. She clarified it was not a statement about me as a person in general because she does not know me away from the poker table. We had a good laugh and enjoyed the conversation about the game, which is a large art of why I enjoy it, the comeraderie.

Pam and Jeff said...

We will definitely be at FF this week-no family birthdays or other conflicts. Will not make dinner but hope to see you there!!

Anonymous said...

sorry you were puny-- my sweet baboo!