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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Tale of Two Friends

Many years ago, there were 2 girls destined to be friends. They were both strange creatures and loved life.When I say they were strange I mean that as a total compliment. You should meet them, they are quite cool. One day while Amy was on a Christian match maker site, she got a message from a girl named Mandy. Now, knowing that Amy was on this site to meet dudes ( and eventually she met the perfect one), she did not respond to the message. But then Mandy made it clear that she too was looking for dudes too but noticed Amy lived in Central Florida and was a Christian. Now, they were both looking for new friends and decided to meet.

So one evening, they met at Stavros and had the best Greek Salads in the world. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This was the summer after they graduated college and spend a lot of time walking the beaches and becoming buddies. They realized they both loved cheesy movies, wanted the perfect man and could both recite the movie 8 seconds. Mandy soon invited Amy to Metro in Orlando ( large awesome Bible study for singles in Orlando, kind of like 722 in Atlanta) and Mandy helped Amy grow in her faith by being cool friends. This is where Amy learned worship music rocks and this is the year " I Could Sing of Your Love forever" was introduced to Amy. Both girls love details. They even drove through a fire on the way to Metro one night as Central Florida was being eaten by fires. Seriously, they drove down the interstate and there was fire on both sides. Pretty scary since we were on our way to church and the last thing you want to think about is burning.

These 2 girls might me the silliest girls in the world ( If you disagree with that statement I totally would challenge you) and could totally be themselves around each other. Mandy was just here for the summer and went home to Ga or Va or where ever she lived those days but the ladies kept in touch.

They have both gotten married (though neither attended the others wedding) and Mandy has gone to have 3 babies and moved to Texas and now has cool connection to Chris Tomlin but we love her because of who she is and not who she knows, ha!

They have gone years without talking or visiting each other. Years ago, Amy and Mandy were able to visit each other in Atlanta during one of Mandy's visits. Years went by until NOW.

Rumor had it Mandy would be in town for family visits. She promised she would call. When she did not call, Amy was worried but she did not need to be. Tuesday morning after work, friendship was restored and Amy realized how blessed she was to have a rocking friend. Now, Amy's husband joined them for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and probably noticed these friends were meant for each other as they are still very silly.

This is not the end of the story for Amy and Mandy, just getting ready for another chapter. Friends rock and friendships restored are awesome.

Below you will find a pic of this historical event in the lives of these funny, yet entertaining chicks!

BTW, Book tour stops here tomorrow and I have been given 2 books to give away!!!!


The 5 Powell's said...

I'm stinkin' laughin' my head off...those two girls must be crazy! I'm home my own house..with my own dirty laundry and unmopped floors and best of all, my favorite man in the world! Kielbasa baby!!!!!

The 5 Powell's said...

oh yeah - I mean to include...

Annie said...

I have a friend like that too and I miss her every day.

What a blessing friendship is!

Kelly said...

How sweet.. I am glad that you and Mandy got to reconnect and what a neat way to share your story of your friendship :)