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Thursday, April 03, 2008

hi there

Hey! Updating my blogroll. Most of you are in my bloglines but let me know if ya want to be added to the list to the left.

I have decided that there is no reason for boredom. I have decided that every time I am bored and can not find anything to, I will just talk to God. Simple.

Well last night God and I had a chat. You know when you go to bed and you close your eyes, there is this silence (even with the radio on). Just very peaceful. I am trying to be a lot more honest in my prayers. God knows my heart anyone, might as well spill everything. I had a prayer jumbo last night. Meaning, it was full of everything, all kinds of people, all kinds of emotions. I have mentioned this week that I am feeling very convicted about telling people they are in my prayers and then not doing it I am working on this.

Well, my heart is really full right now. I am thankful for my husband and a huge decision he made. I pray for him daily. I pray that he will love others. I pray that others will love him and not judge him, but hold him accountable. I pray that he will grow into the spiritual leader he was created for.
I pray for my adoption friends. Tymm and Laura 's family. I pray for Shelby who is having surgery next week. Sooo many things.
Last night I prayed for Tricia and Nate or the CF husband family Now, I have not seen God speak through the internet until this week and it was not a whisper. God's voice has been raining down on this blogging community. If this man prayed that he would touch others, his prayer was answered. I have been inspired by my patients, my friends but friends, this is different. I will never meet this family. I have learned to pray with honesty and to pray for others in a different way. What a gift to pray behalf of friends. They were my prayers all night and I know others had them in their prayers as well.

Its not my place to tell their story but this is a family in which the mom has Cystic Fibrosis. They had a baby born very early. Last night, Tricia had a double lung transplant. You just need to go read. Not only is he a great writer, his photography just rocks. I don't know him. he doesn't know me but Nate and Tricia are my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Michael and I have a friend named April, who is now a rocking blogger. She was Michael's friend before we got married and she is a wife and mother. We now share a connection. Our hearts have been changed by this family. We have cried on the phone, we chat online making sure we are caught up. April just rocks. Now I know she will read this and she is quite a humble person, but before we were really friends, April came over and helped me get my wedding invitations ready. Anyway, where were we? This blog has strengthened my friendship with her.

Anyway, my heart and mind are full. There are many things I want to blog about, but I think it would come out wrong. So I will stop here.

Do me a favor? Pray for someone you don't like today. Sounds odd. I know there must be someone who has hurt you. Perhaps a friendship ended because of words. Pray for them. They need it. Just felt like saying that

Nate, if you read this. I know you had over 1000 comments yesterday. Please know that I am thankful for you and Tricia's hearts and thanks for being so open with us!


Lori said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog - I now have a new friend in the web.

I needed to read your post today, and I do need to pray for someone that I'm not loving too much right now.

God bless you in your adoption journey. My brother and sil adopted my niece from China almost 10 years ago this summer. They live in Loganville GA.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hey, you can add me to your blogroll if you wish.

Good post....just sent up a prayer for someone that has been getting under my skin lately.

April said...

That is too funny! Make sure you read my blog today. I said some of the same things!
I don't remember helping you! lol! I remember getting together once at your apartment.
I am very thankful that God placed you with Michael!!!

Donna said...

hey! I didn't know you read my blog :) Thanks!!

I don't comment very often because you have so many readers and I never have anything profound to say. But I do want to say, thanks for being such a light!! I love reading your posts, they are always so positive and uplifting and REAL.

I work for a Christian organization in a department that attracts many frustrated callers. I just had a very angry call from someone and I really let it affect my day until I read your request to "Pray for someone you don't like." Thanks for reminding me to glorify God in all circumstances. He's obviously needing some prayer, I shouldn't be so mad at him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by!! We live close to each other!

sara said...

Beth Moore has a new study on "Loving Well" - just heard about it today. Wonder if God is trying to encourage me to love someone?

I don't know Nate & Tricia either, but I am clinging to the hope of them going home soon. I check on them daily, multiple times - & Praise God for the progress.:)

Jodie said...

Don't you just love long chats with God. One of those long chats with God set me right about my NEED to lose weight. Since then I have felt more accountable to God for my "cheating" than ever. He really wants us to be healthy - we are his creation after all! I didn't see my blog on your roll, although I know you read it sometimes...feel free to add it!

e-Mom said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray for someone today... someone who may not "deserve it." :~D

I'd love to be added to your blogroll, thanks!



kailani said...

I actually did pray this morning for an ex-friend who stabbed me in the back and hurt me a while ago. Recently, she lost her job overnight after working there for 20+ years. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Susan said...

Hey!! I agree that we need to pray for those who have hurt us. I love reading your blog and keeping up with the adoption story.



Rhea said...

Hi Amy!

I'd love be included in your blog list! You are doing such a great job.

See ya on the boards.


Cindi said...

Pray for someone you don't like today. What a really great idea. I have been feeling sort of self absorbed lately and that is exactly what I need to bring myself back to a sort of even keel!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd love to be added to the blogroll!

What part of Georgia are you in? I have a brother who's a neighbor of yours...although probably a very, very distant one! :D